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Triumph TR6 - Motor identification help?

I'm over from the MG site and wonder if any of you could assist me. I acquired a Triumph 6 cylinder motor and transmission when I purchased a lot of parts from a fellow who was moving. Not knowing anything about Triumphs, how can I determine the year and model of car this engine is for? The owner had already left town and the people handling the sale didn't know. I haven't been able to locate any type of serial number or other ID on it. Any help is appreciated.

Gerry Foster
G T Foster

The engine number for a TR6 is located on a piece of block casting above the fuel pump next to the distributor. You can look up the approximate year/model here:

If it's been removed.... well, that's a whole 'nother subject....

with a 2.5 mkII replacement block (MG prefix, ESS suffix)
Brent B

Hi Jerry motor # is stamped back left corner just below head. We can tell from that.
Bill Brayford

Thanks for the info...I'll take a look. The engine is stored at my Dad's place.

G T Foster

This thread was discussed between 30/08/2003 and 31/08/2003

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