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Triumph TR6 - My Classic Car

Hi Folks

Just noticed that on the Speed channel the "My Classic Car" show that will be aired on Sunday 23 Nov will be showing British Cars Days 2008 from PEI. So it should be fun and may encourage all of us to visit PEI for their next show in 2009, I am going because it is near, even if I have to take my Windstar.

We have gone from +20 (Sunday) to + 7 (Tuesday), it is getting cold in the garage, but I have to fit the water and fuel pump tonight.

lw gilholme

see the attached image to see what stage I am at (sort off). I have to fit the water pump amd complete setting the valves.


lw gilholme


Went this Summer in buddy Steve's '64 MGB as neither of our TR6's was ready for the long drive. Good show with nice folks, great cars and plenty of TR6's. Would like to take the TR in '09 but definitely will be going in 2010. BTW - accommodations quite reasonable due to reduced tourism with the high CDN dollar.Only took pics with disposable camera so no pics til I get them on CD at Wal-Mart.

Bob Evans

Looking sweet Les.

It will be nice to see when done.

I may just have to make plans for the PEI BCD. When is it? (what weekend?)

Michael Petryschuk


BCD in PEI is normally 2nd week July, check out


Bloody cold and white today.
lw gilholme

Oops. May not make it in 2009. Have tenative plans to go to Calgary stampede and tour west Alberta central BC the first 2 weeks of July.But it can be back up should the west plans fall through.
Michael Petryschuk

Thanks Les... will check the show today.

Mike... take time to do the Banff to Jasper & back drive. Lots to see/do at each end and in between is unforgettable. Got kids with you?

Ken Shaddock

Thanks for the suggestion Ken.

No kids any more. My daughter is 23 and son 22 and for some reason vacationing with their parents doesn't seem to interest them too much.
Michael Petryschuk

Know that one... our daughters are in their 30's now and I think our last trip as a family was 1989 (flew to/from Calgary, rented a car, and did the trip you have planned including the Stampede) and then suddenly they were too cool to travel with their parents ;)Ken
Ken Shaddock

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