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Triumph TR6 - My own bad day (not to trump the other bad day)

I've been battling a thrust washer problem that I thought I had rectified by using one of Scott Helms bronze alloy TW's. The car has been down for over 4 weeks and I had the lower end all buttoned up but a leaky master cyl kept me from driving it. While waiting for the m/c parts I finished up the TW repair and ran the engine with great results on the stands....I gradually let her idle then slowly ran her up the RPM range then pushed in the clutch occasionally then started engaging gears...oil pressure was nice and normal cold 75 then down to 50 gear went in without a fault. Today I finished up the M/C repair and bled the system then headed out for the maiden voyage...started up fine, oil pressure a nice 75psi then took her out on the road....ran fine, shifted fine....oil pressure about 70 psi cold going down the road then after a few miles it settled down to around 55psi at speed and about 35 at idle....THEN I looked down and it was at 35 at speed and about 10 psi at idle......AAARRGGG...still runs good, idles fine, shifts well....BUT...something is not right. I'm about defeated at this point...and NO I don't have one of them there oil line thingys.
JT White

Well It sounds like you didn't do much to fubar it.
Something to do with the pick up is my bet, or you dropped something in the sump and then it got stuck on the pick up.
Either way same thing.
You can drop the pan or work back from the gauge

Don, the sump was whistle clean when I buttoned it up...I scrubbed the pan and repainted the outside. I pulled the pipe off the side of the engine and oil freely dripped out so I don't think it is the line but I'll pull it off the gauge also and blow it out. I've let it get up to temp several times on the stands and there has been no oil pressure problems when hot...seems like she just went south after some driving and shifting.
JT White

Just had my son push in the clutch while I watched the's back to moving forward....definatly TW related...back to dropping the pan again. This whole thing has soured my stomach. Maybe in a few days....back to football.
JT White

Sorry to hear about your TW problems JT.

Hope you get it fixed and get to enjoy your Florida winter. Only 2 months of barely OK driving weather left here.
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 13/09/2010 and 14/09/2010

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