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Triumph TR6 - My Rattle and Grind

Not looking for advice although I always take it. Just venting a bit.

Some may recall a couple of months ago that I had a rattle/grind in my 75 tr6. I swapped all the u-joints and found what I thought was the problem. A cracked bearing cap on the front joint. In any case I did front, rear, and axle joints.

Well within 5 minutes of driving I knew that the problem was deeper. The rattle and grind were still there.

I figured it had to be the throwout bearing. I tore it all up removing the tranny. clutch and bearing were fine.

Next stop the transmission. I noticed the input shaft felt a bit rough when turning it. I pulled the seal case off the front and right away noticed that the ring on the inside of the case was missing a piece about an inch long. It appears that someone in the past slapped the seal in and must have fractured the case. Well the piece finaly broke and worked it's way through the front bearing. Oddly enough the shaft seems fine but the bearing needs to be replaced. At least I know what I am dealing with now. S.O.B. I think I will go through the tranny while it is out and do synchros and seals. Now would also be a good time to throw in a lightened fly wheel.

Just ordered the plastic tunnel and I have a carpet and padding kit that I would have had to strip everything out for anyway. Might as well rebuild the seats.

It is a slippery slope.

Mike in Va.
S.M. Stephano

All will be forgiven next spring when you hear the gears whirring softly.


I feel the pain, looked long and hard at T problems, mostly to do with slave and master parts. After it was in, I thought it was ready to drive, I experienced a really loud "rattle" when accelerating through to the shifter, checked everything and replaced the shifter pin and spring but wouldn't stop. After a long conversation with my brother, also into Triumphs, but five states away, he convinced me to look at the pilot brass ring embedded in the flywheel. So out came that trans again. So I'm guessing your looking at that brass fitting. Mine did not look out of spec, felt pretty good on the shaft, but I measured interior diameter, I was really shocked. Put in a new one with proper lube, and all rattles are gone.

If this isn't news to you, maybe another reader can use the information.

Enjoy the next drive,


Walter Dobbins

Welcome to TR6 affliction.

Heard someone comment about this a few weeks ago. Owning a British car is comparable to Newton's Law on gases, in that a gas expands to fill the volume of whatever container it's in! Seemed pretty appropriate!?!?! I did try to find the exact quote on the law of gases, never did. Maybe Steve P can help there??

Merry Christmas & happy moToRing!!!!

Rod Nichols

I am happy that the expansion never exceeds the space with TR's. They are just the ticket for me. I lust for an XK120, but I fear my space isn't quite large enough. This theory does explode when the container isn't strong (or large) enough.

XK? Check the first car on this page. It's "walking around money."

Don from Jersey

This thread was discussed between 15/12/2005 and 16/12/2005

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