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Triumph TR6 - Mystery Transmission ? Noise


In our drive the other day my TR6 began to make a strange noise during acceleration and I can't for the life of me even guess what it is. Here are the symptoms.

When acclerating hard in first gear- around 3500 -4000 rpm all of a sudden a rattle is heard. Slow accleration- either the noise is gone or it is so soft you don't hear it. The rattle is like a rotating thing hitting something everytime it comes around.

In second gear- pretty well through the whole rpm range you hear the same rattle when acclerating hard. Easy accleration once again the noise is not there or so soft you don't hear it.

In third gear there may or may not be a faint noise. I can't tell. Sometimes I think I hear it but most of the time I don't.

4th gear- I don't feel or sense any noise.

Car parked and rev the engine with clutch in or out does not produce the noise.Sifting is smooth and there seems to be no effect on performance.

I have an overdrive unit.

I haven't gotten under the car yet but guess what I am doing this weekend. I hope it is something simple like the exhaust pipe. But I thought I would solicit your knowledge before I begain to troubleshoot to hopefully save some time.

Please help. Thanks.

Mike Petryschuk
69 TR6
Michael Petryschuk


First thing i think of when i hear of a "rattle" at higher RPM's is timing chain. I know you said that you dont hear it in third or fourth gear, but maybe the wind and road noise at that speed is covering it up?

Go for the simple stuff first like you suggested, maybe it is an exhaust pipe or something similar resonating against something at higher RPM's..............

Sorry, not much help here.


ps: we can post pics here, maybe we should be able to post audio clips too!
Mitch Smith

Thanks Mitch for your comments.

I am going to change my description from a "rattle" to a "chatter". So when reading my initial post think chatter. That is a better word for it.

OD unit is not working either.

Nothing under the car. Absolutely no chatter from the engine. It looks like its the tranny.

Drained the oil from the tranny. Level was good. Had metal specs in it and also a fair amount of metal sludge around the OD sump basket. Meaning a lot considering I had just cleaned it and changed the oil in April.

As suggested in the BBS, in April, I had drained out the potentially damaging GL3, GL4 and GL5 oil I had used when I put the car on the road in 2005 and went with the 20W50 racing oil.

Now I wonder if the damage is due to using the GL material or switching oils.

In any case, unless someone can offer anything else that might be doing the chatter, the transmission comes out next weekend and we will see.

Mike Petryschuk
Michael Petryschuk


Transmission noise in combination with the OD not working.......... hate to be the bearer of bad news but............
Yes, i think it might be time for the gearbox to come out and have a peek inside, see whats going on.
As I am sure you allready know, the Buckeye Triumph site has some pretty good stuff on OD's

good luck,

Mitch Smith


Nice to see you in Oakville last week. No words of wisdom - hope you're not off the road too long.

BJ Quartermaine

Well the diagnosis is:

Lay shaft and layshaft bearings toast.

OD Pump seized.

It's only money.

Repairs by early August and then put it back together.

I am on vacation next 2 weeks camping in Wisconsin, Minnesota and northern Ontario. I come back to put the car back togther.
Michael Petryschuk

This thread was discussed between 04/07/2008 and 18/07/2008

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