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Triumph TR6 - Need Fender

Hi Guys,

I am in the midst of final body prep. for a paint job and I have discovered that my right front fender is pretty much scrap.... the headlight area was cleverly constructed of bondo.... much more so than first thought. SOOOO, I am in need of a very good to new/excellent condition right front fender. I can change the bumper bolt hole mount if needed as the years do vary its location. I am hoping that someone out there has a fender in their parts stash that they would be willing to sell. My car is a '76 FYI.

I will make it worth someone's efforts for a good or cash plus an powder coated aluminum radiator shroud, etc!

A Canadian deal would be best as it would save on shipping and border hassels... however I would be grateful to our southern kin if they would check out there parts bin. The rest of the car is completly apart and is being media blasted in the next week so I do need this fender ASAP.

Thanks in advance, Rob
Rob Gibbs


Len Drake at has a few R/F fenders on his website. Good luck!

Bob Evans

Thanks Bob,

Len called me today...a really accomodating fellow. Website is a little out of date and he only has new... which is a good deal for a Canadian buy but is not cheap...$500 + tax and shipping.

I am checking into Hunter Classic Cars in Victoria as he may have some very good used fenders.... only a good deal if near perfect though....$250- $300 CND. I see that TRF had them on for about $379 last Christmas.... then there is ebay but I haven't seen a good deal in some time on this part.... or its pickup only and they are in Florida....!

I am going with the #19 white in base/clear and will do all aspects of the tub, fenders, hood, trunk and hard i too will have the perfect year and color just like your car Bob! ;o)

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs

Rob, check the classified ads section of the Toronro Triumph Club website...
There are fenders for sale.
Good luck
Pete Russell


Good luck on your fender search!
Although my car is still aways away from the painting stage, just curious who you will have paint your car up in Qualicum?


Mitch Smith

You might also try Obsolete Automotive in Point Edward ON. They have lots of used stuff. Tried their WEB site but looks like it is down at the moment.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


I found that ad. on 2 sites:

[ Annonce PAC : #4361584 ]


Bellefeuille, La Rivière-du-Nord, QC

Pieces neuve et usager pour toute anglaise.


CONTACTER : ron conard

TÉLÉPHONE : 450-565-9553
LIEU : Bellefeuille, La Rivière-du-Nord, QC



Titre: Piece tr6
Description: Piece de carosserie tr6 71...aile avant et arriere droit(200$ chacune), valance avant et arriere,hood et capot de valise, un kit de tapis moss neuf(200$) un kit de tapis usagé(100$)bumper arriere,lens arriere etc...
Prix: À discuter
Ville: Saint-Hyacinthe

annonce : #420103

Informations sur l'annonceur:
Prénom: jacques

Téléphone #1: 450-772-5913

A simple translation:
#1: on lespac: New and used parts for TR6

#2: on dejavu Right front and rear fenders @$200/each and more body parts listed.

A shipping to B.C. will not be so expensive. If you wants new parts, I discovered that Victoria British have and office in B.C. as the parts I ordered last winter were from your area, a lot wiser procedure to overcome custom brokers fees. TRF must learn from them....

Wish it could help...


J. G. Catford

Thank you all for the input...I will check out the ones in Victoria first hand and go from there... perhaps the gent in la belle provence speaks english? I will contact him too. Thank you again!



#1 Ron with such surname is probably english speaking
#2 Jacques with $200 fenders, if he does not speak english, I could phone him for you and give you the infos.

J. G. Catford

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