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Triumph TR6 - Need someone to test drive a tr6 in W. Los Angeles

first of all, my apologies if this is the wrong forum for this; this is my first visit here (former mg owner!)

i am interested in purchasing a tr6 located in west los angeles. i will pay a mechanically knowledgable and experienced tr6 owner to travel to where the car is located and perform the following:

1. test drive the car. verify drivetrain operating properly. verify car drives straight. check for car noise, exhaust smoke, etc.
2. jack up car, crawl under and inspect the underside
3. check for rust on floors, rockers, trunk, engine bay, wheel wells.
4. any exterior rust including bubbling rust from under the paint.
5. check that car sits straight. check exterior panels for mis-aligned gaps, including gaps from top of tire to wheel arch.
6. look for any obvious botched past repairs.

if any can help or knows of someone who will travel to the private seller's house in west los angeles, please email.

Many thanks! --steve
SRF Freel

Steve, just fly me down and put me up and keep me fed.

Sorry I don't mean to be so cheeky, Welcome aboard the
board. You have come to the right place, you can't find a fourm with better knowledge or nicer people.
OK all you west coast boys, step up to the plate.
Christopher Trace

A few years ago when I was searching for cars through ebay (no I never bought one from there) I heard of services that will do just that. Inspect the car for you. But as you say you want a TR6 knowledgeable person which I think is the right call.

There might be some shops out there with TR6 know how. Check google and all that.

Unfortunately I can't think of anyone on this BB from L.A.

Maybe someone knows of an appropriate buisness out there.
HP Henry Patterson

thanks for all the helpful responses guys. you never know what you're going to get when you post anywhere for the first time, this seems like a really nice place.

took you're advice and did a bit of googling. found an ad for an "english mobile mechanic" in hollywood. he's willing to do the job for a 100, seems reasonable.

i really like this car, but i hate long distance transactions, you have to put too much trust in people you've never met (seller, test-driver, shipper). really tempted to abandoned this one and go with another only 2 hours away in CT (but is $3k more).

SRF Freel

$100 seems very reasonable for a fellow to go and look at a TR6 for you. I presume he will report back with pictures??
I do not think I would buy a car without me actually going to see it. The mechanic seeing it first sure makes it a yes or no answer to go see it or not.

Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 27/09/2006 and 28/09/2006

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