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Triumph TR6 - Neutral?

Hello everyone, put the tranny back in the car this morning, and while hooking up the driveshaft I found that while the shifter was in the neutral position I could'nt rotate the drive shaft without pressing on the clutch. All I did was replace the front and rear seals along with the top cover gasket. '74 TR6
Mark J

Success! To all of you who where thinking about my neutral problem here is what I found. This morning as I sat looking at my car on jack stands with coffee in hand, it occured to me that the problem had to be when I reassembled the top cover. After removing the top cover I looked inside and within seconds found that the reverse lever wasn't engaged with the lever in the cover. With a flip of my finger, problem solved!

Hey Mark,

Good job, I'll call YOU on my first trans repair. <G>

By the way, there are consequences for those who do not register. You'll wind up having to help John down in Florida. <G>

Jim Deatsch

Here is another case where coffe comes through and fixes the problem again!!


p.s. I'm not only a BBS poster, I'm also a member!
D Hasara

Laughing out loud at you Don.

Now THAT'S funny!

I have noticed that the threats of small, thermonuclear device detonation in his garage have induced John (of Florida fame) to sign right up.

Jim (hardly an instigator) aka, alligator in a blender.

Jim Deatsch

This thread was discussed between 11/10/2003 and 13/10/2003

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