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Triumph TR6 - New Ansa exhaust - too loud

I had admired the Ansa exhaust system on a friend's TR250 for years and was thrilled to find out that they were in production again. On the TR250, the Ansa exhaust had a wonderful mellow sound but wasn't loud at all.

Well, I bought a new Ansa system for my 1973 TR6, installed it yesterday, and found out to my horror that the car is now very loud - louder than a TR with a Monza exhaust. It's so loud in fact that conversation at any throttle setting is impossible.

Has anyone had any experience in quieting an Ansa or Monza exhaust - with different glass pack mufflers or resonators? It is possible to do so without losing the "tuned" sound?

If not, I'm going to put the stock system back on. In that case, is anyone interested in buying a virtually new Ansa system for a dual downpipe TR6?

I built up a dual exhaust using pipes from TRF. I installed 2 "turbo" mufflers and found it was painfully loud. So I put on a couple of Ansa resonator tips on the end and now it's really cool.
That probably wasn't too helpful but I think if you change out the main mufflers it would help. I don't know if the Ansa has a crossover pipe to balance the flow between the pipes, but that would help a bit too.

good luck!
Tim Brand

My repop ANSA started out fairly loud. Probably as loud as a Monza but with a much nicer tone. In time it has quieted down a bit. Then again, I am running 9.5:1 compression and a bit wilder cam. Like most glass-packed systems it must be allowed to "burn in" for a few miles. A crossover wont do too much unless installed near the center (transmission) hanger. There is already a crossover passage in the manifold, so I doubt there would be much benefit other than breaking up the sound pulses.

Good luck,
Nate Steiner

Brian--I am not familiar with the construction of the new production Ansa's (I have a vintage set installed on my '72 TR6 and the sound is NOT what you describe). Does your system have both a round silencer and a flat resonator at the tip end?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I also use the vintage Ansa exhaust. I removed the silencers, straight pipes to resonators ganged together, she sounds really sweet...Looks something like this:
OOOO instead of OO OO

B.R. Horne

Hi Rick,

The new Ansa system I have on my TR6 has two separate pipes leading from the dual down pipes. There is no cross-over in the system after the downpipe. There is a short round muffler followed by a flat resonator with two round tips at each exit end. The actual holes in the tips are quite a bit smaller than the exit pipes - the holes are surrounded by a metal honeycomb.

I talked to Moss about the system today. They said "Get over it, it's loud". I then phoned the USA Ansa distributor. They were surprised it was that loud and said that they have had no complaints to date about the latest version of the TR6 system. The service rep said that the system should be an exact copy of the Triumph systems originally produced by Ansa years ago. He did mention that there's no glass pack anywhere in the system, just baffles.

The Ansa rep said to check for an exhaust leak. He suggested that I should block all 4 exhausts and the engine would stall if there's no leak. I'm going to do that tonight.

If that isn't it, I think I'll take the system off the car. It's so loud that you can't hear anything else and conversation with a passenger is impossible. After a half hour drive, my ears hurt - which is not good.


Brian- I'm not really up on Canadian geography.(Sorry Rick C.) Can you get together with one of your Canadian brothern and compare sounds?

I should close this thread off now that I've solved the problem with my overly loud Ansa exhaust. To determine if I had an exhaust leak, I plugged all four outlets and was unable to stall the car - which according to Ansa meant that I had a leak. I then took the car back to Midas and they found two inch long "cracks" just after the downpipes. They welded up the cracks and the unacceptable exhaust roar in the cockpit went away. (Curioulsy, even after the leaks were fixed, I as still unable to stall the car when the exhaust outlets were plugged).

I'm now happy with my new Ansa system. It is louder than the stock system but it isn't unpleasant. The exhaust now has a deeper, richer, more mellow sound with two distinct tones - especially on acceleration. The exhaust note has plenty of 'character' and it does sound expensive - if I may say that (and indeed it was).

Thanks to everyone here for their help and suggestions.

1973 TR6

Excellent Brian. You were also fortunate the CO fumes didn't get to you first. Yep, the Ansa produces very pleasing music right up to your personal rev limiter!

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

There is a '76 TR for sales a few miles from where I live, and it has a newly installed Ansa system. It plays a wonderful symphony, (sounds a little like the William Tell Overture) and I would dearly like one on my 6!!!
Pete Russell


I had in past Ansa on my TR6, a lot better quality than unreliable and noisy Monza. But now the best i know system is CDN made Stebro. It's SS and have a nice mellow sound and it's made in Ontario.


J. G. Catford

I recently contacted Stebro and was quoted US$750 for a ss system for my TR250. A bit pricey. I ended up using the the stock muffler.
I had an ANSA on my previous 69 MGB and I loved it. Paid $240 for it which I considered to be reasonable. I like their motto: "Il rumore viene suono". Rough translation: "The noise becomes the sound". As in the sound of music!
Andy Blackley


I agree with you ANSA is a good mild steel system but more expensive than $240 for TR6 set-up as it has double exhausts lines. I tried all three on my TR6, Monza, ANSA & Stebro. Unfortunately ANSA it is difficult to find in Canada and most of parts suppliers like MOSS or TRF sell Monza. There was in USA this Faza/Daytona exhaust that have some models left from Abarth a reminescence of 70's.

J. G. Catford

J.G.: I actually bought the Monza system and sent it back before I installed it. The ANSA system beig sold for the later TR6 ain't cheap either (US$450+). I considered cobbling a system together using several small glass packs and maybe just the ANSA tips, but decided to stay with the stock muffler. I have a header hich is loud enough already.
Andy Blackley

This thread was discussed between 22/05/2005 and 11/06/2005

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