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Triumph TR6 - New clutch slave cylinder clearance problems

My old clutch slave cylinder was hooped so I replaced it completly instead of rebuilding. I also replaced the hard plastic line with a steel braided one. Problem is the pressure fittings for the new slave which is supposedly OEM spec interferes with the oil filter which is mounted on a spin on oil filter adaptor. Actually it dented in the oil filter housing a bit when I tightened up the mounting bolts for the slave.
Anybody elses have this problem? Are you able to a mount the oil filter sideways? Thanks
A Vandergoot

I ran into the same thing. My spin on adaptor is part of an oil cooler set up so it was angled somewhat forward for line routing purposes as opposed to being in the vertical. When I fitted a new slave cylinder (the long throw unit from BPNW, UKC8677L) and a braided line, I found that I had to increase the angle from verticle to keep from fouling the oil filter body.

I have angled my spin on oil filter to avoid the slave cylinder and brake line piping in the area and to make it "easier" to spin on and off although easy is very relative in this case. Still is a pain to loosen and tighten the filter as getting an oil wrench on it has its challenges.
Michael Petryschuk

Misery loves company, sorry guys don't wish you all the same problem but nice to know I haven't screwed up somewhere. I rotated the slave 90 degrees so it moved the braided line and fitting out of the way but I still have too angle the spin on fitting to clear the bleeder valve. Thanks
A Vandergoot

This thread was discussed between 07/11/2013 and 09/11/2013

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