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Triumph TR6 - New Engine

Hi Folks:

I was lucky enough to acquire a good TR6 engine complete with intake & exhaust manifolds, carbs, distributor and starter, with only 45,000 on the clock (got the speedo and tach too). It's from a '74 and mine is a '76. My '76 engine has 125,000 on it and is very "tired" so I plan to swap engines while I rebuild the original.The carbs on the '74 are pretty cruddy so I want to use my '76 carbs, which are okay. Is there any problem using the '76 carbs and is there any modification I need to complete before the swap?

Bob Evans
Bob Evans

You sound excited about your new engine, so I hate to mention how much time the innards have had to corrode. Since the engine is out of the car, take a little time to inspect/replace stuff that's hard to do once the engine is installed. I hope everything goes smoothly, but low mileage is no guarantee you'll have no problems with the engine.

One thing I did not do when putting the engine back in after restore was check the frost plugs. I ended up replacing them all. The intake had to come off while engine in the car A PITB.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Yes, I'm a little hyped on the "new" engine but I've done this before and I'm reasonably certain of the care taken by the PO in prepping it for storage but you may well be right on the corrosion issue. I'll do a thorough cleaning and painting, disassemble & lube the water pump, service the distributor, drain & drop the pan & replace all gaskets. I'm hoping to get a year or two out of this one while I completely rebuild the original. Good tip on the frost plugs Rick - I'd not have thought of that. Thanks guys.

Bob Evans

This thread was discussed between 13/02/2005 and 17/02/2005

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