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Triumph TR6 - New Member

Hi guys, I've been reading your posts for a while now and have got some great tips. I recently purchased a 1973 Pinento Red TR with 73,000 miles on it. I found out from a p.o. that the car was first owned by a school teacher in New York and was stored in her garage for 27 years before he bought it. I am now he 4th owner. I assume that I will have some sorting out to do because the car sat so long. It starts right up but idle speed is way too high and my carbs idle screws are already set as low as they can go. I tried backing off the dist timing and then using the screws to get the idle where it should be, but this causes an increase in the temp (from approx half way to three quarters). Also there seems to be an intermitant miss. I have replaced the plugs with ngk's gapped at .025, I bought new 7mm green wires from TRF, new points, cap, rotor, and condenser. I also replaced the lt lead from the coil and installed a Lucas sport coil. The miss is still there. As I do not trust the parts I received from TRF, I have decided to purchase new 8.5mm wires from magnecor, plus another cap (with all copper fittings),rotor,and condenser. I want to convert to electronic ignition but don't know the best way to go. Sorry this is so long but I'm trying to give as much info as possible

Brett Evans

What color is the rotor?
Fuel Filter?
Does the miss happen even when cold?
and Welcome!

Thanks for the welcome Don, the rotor is red (from TRF), I haven't checked the filter yet. The miss is not as noticable at idle but is still there. When driving at freeway speeds it becomes quite noticable and is accompanied by a bucking feeling, I thought it was a bag plug, that's why I put in the ngk's
Brett Evans

If the rotor looks like this one
it's a good one. I think I read that TRF was selling his rotors.
I would do a fuel filter

Hi idle
I would suspect the carbs might need some work.
Does this have a PCV valve?
High idle could mean too much air and too much fuel. YOu need to check that the butterflys are not caught up
the chokes could not be going off and the linkage coud be binding

Oh, by the way both could be a jet issue

Welcome Brett
Glad you are finding this of help.

Given the age and if the carbs haven't been worked on before, I would check the carburetors particularity the rubber component and seals. Probably should be replaced. And ensure the fuel mixture needle is set correctly and both carbs are balanced. In other words overhaul the carbs.

I also found to get the idle right I had to time the engine, adjust the carbs, time the engine and adjust the carbs several times before it seemed to be right.

Have fun.
Michael Petryschuk

Also you can't always believe the timing marks on an old damper

Thank you all for your advice. The carbs are definately due for a rebuild, I expect that sitting so long has ruined the seals and gaskets. I just wanted to make sure the ignition side was good before I tore them apart. I'll use the Buckeye Triumphs web site for reference. Any thoughts on blanking off the bypass valves and temp compensators? Are they really needed? I'm also thinking it couldn't hurt to adjust the valves and replace the manifold gasket. I've already blanked off the distributor vacume retard unit and the vacume connection on the rear carb (there is no vacume advance on a 73), as well as the vacume switch in the top radiator hose Thanks again to everyone that offered assistance
Brett Evans

Welcome Brett:
And Congratulations! You have chosen the best TR6 Forum in the World and you will not be disappointed at the advice you get here. If you heed the advice above and overhaul the carbs, ensure you order the Bypass Valve Diaphragm Kit(s) from Moss, which are not included in the Master Rebuild Kit or the lower priced Rebuild Kit. Part # is 365-745 and you will need two kits @ $12.95. Pic of Bypass Valves attached.

1976 - TR6

Bob Evans

Wellcome Brett. If you have looked at Nelson Riedel's excellant articles you then will know to check the carb diaphrams. They could be cracked and therefore not lift the pistons uniformly. It will be like your carbs are way out of sinc.

rw loftus

Hi Brett,
Welcome to the wonderful world of the TR6 !!
Even though they can make us cuss sometimes we all love these cars !! You'll find lot's of good tips here.
Since you just got the car ( looks good in the pix)
I would start by adjusting the valves ( when the engine is cold )/ check the timing. the vac advance working or even hooked up ? that's the hose from the carbs going to the dist that will make the engine change idle when you pull it off.
Carbs look old ?? rebuild them...
You've replaced the ignition stuff so let's see how that goes now..
It's often the smallest adjustment that makes these cars run better !!...

Charlie B.

Hi Charlie, I already love this car and I can't believe I actually own it!!! My car doesn't have a vacume advance, just a retard, and that has been blanked off. I'm still waiting for the new 8.5mm wires but will start on the fuel system as soon as I get them installed. I know the carbs need rebuilding because there is a slight fuel leak at the bottom from the float chanber gaskets. I'm also going to take Bob's advice and rebuild the bypass valves as well. I'm truely gratful for everyones comments and it just proves what Ive said all along that British car people are the best!!!
Brett Evans

Brett - The car looks nice... It looks like you have a spitfire in the distance as well. I had a spitfire back in the seventies when I was a teenager... As I remember the tilt front end made working on the car a real pleasure...
DWS Smith

Brett Where in Ohio are you? Akron here.
Don Boito

Hi Brett

Welcome. Your TR looks nice. I agree they are loads of fun and very easy to maintain.

You are in good hands as far as the carbs are concerned. I will address that little question at the end of your first post.
Here it is

Looks like there is an IGNITOR 11. Not sure if there is an advantage with it over the REV 1 version especially with a stock motor. You still need a rotor though.

Very easy to install and fits into your existing dissy.

Jeff Zorn at Little British Car Co. is a MOSS distributor and even sells for less than direct from MOSS. He advertises at top of this BBS. A very large inventory in the basement of his Detroit home.
Go to
to order catalogue.

MOSS is not the only supplier and I know there are others on this BBS who like TRF.

Rick Crawford

Hi Don, I'm in Columbus, sorry for the late reply, Ive been out of town. DWS-yes I have a Spitfire, reg as a 1976, I'm going to sell it now that I have the six. It will make someone a very nice parts car and will come with extra parts from a GT6 as well. Rick-the pertronix is one of the electronic systems that I am looking at, and so far I've only heard good things about it. It seems to be the most commonly used by other owners I talk to. Thanks again to all of you, it's so good to be able to talk about Triumph's with people that understand!!!
Brett Evans

This is fun - now it's your turn. Go to the "Archives" for lots of posts on Pertronix ignition, from April 2005 and back from there. When I first posted asking how to hook up mine Don K posted back "DEJA VU ALL OVER AGAIN" so here we are 6 years later going at it again. As usual, Rick weighed in with sage advice as did Don H for New Jersey (?). Anyway, have fun here - you'll get all the help you need.
Bob Evans

I suggest. Have Jeff rebuild it and keep the points
Actually I say just get a real dizzy for it but that leads to a new can avec les vers

I just got my rebuilt/recurved dizzy back from Jeff Schlemmer and it looks great. Nice to see that somebody actually cares enough about their work to specifically ask and then build your dizzy to take advantage of all the modifications you have made to your engine. I had him install the timing wheel also and I'm anxious to try it if I ever get the TR off the jack stands and back on the road.
Bob Evans

Hey, Brett - welcome.

I've always found it best to start at the "consumables" when trying to solve a problem. For instance the carb diaphragms probably need replacing, and you'll want to tuck a couple away for future use. Sounds like you're already ahead on plugs, cap, & wires.

The rubber seals on the carb throttle shafts are also probably in not so good a shape which can cause the idle to be high.

While not a recommendation, I have both the throttle by-pass valves & temp compensators disabled on my carbs with no ill effects.

Also opinions vary on ignitions. I have the Crane XR-3000 which I am quite happy with. Others prefer the Pertronix.

You'll find that you'll get a lot of comments on your TR6 when out & about. Enjoy.
Brent B

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