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Hi guys...

This may only be of interest to south central Ontario members...

Broke down yesterday (first ride of the year... needed a tow... ugh) due to a failed clutch Master Cylinder. The mechanic at my local garage knew a "local" source for LBC parts that I did not know about so I pass this along to others for an opinion.

I went there today to pick up a new mc unit. They also had my slave in stock. They have two full time mechanics and a good parts department run by a chap named Kyle. They are Moss Distributors so I was given the Spring/Summer Moss 2009 catalogue.

Cullingford Motors Ltd on Ferndale Dr in Barrie. Anyone have any experience with them. They opened in 1978 as a British Leyland dealer. Their fenced compound had Jags, a Rolls, TR's, MG's, lots of neat cars to look at.

Ken Shaddock

Geez Ken, good thing that wasn't a full restoration you bought>

Aint it the truth. Good thing I asked the guy to leave lots of surprises and stuff for me to do so I would not get bored or have money left over for gas and club dues. K.
Ken Shaddock

New to you yes and kinda nice Brian is close to you.

Brian Cullingford is a member of the local British car club I am in. He is top notch and I consider him very reliable and honest. He does a lot of work for guys in the club.

Tough audience around here eh Ken!

Oh Ya, when are you going to give us this guys name out west so that we can pass it along to others as a place to avoid like the plague?

Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick... really appreciate the endorsement. I'm certain I'll run out of patience with my electrical issues and thus will pay the price for solutions and correctness. One-off projects like lights, OD, etc. are doable but there's spagetti behind my dashboard and I'm just too long, lanky and old to crawl under there & persevere with the whole business. Finding the right shop within reasonable distance of me out here in Booneyville was a challenge now resolved. Man this is good to know. I think I'm getting closer to having a very nice car.

Take care.


PS. That fellow who did not complete the restoration of my TR6 by the promised date, and in fact did a reassembly (after doing a very nice body off frame redo of a BC matching numbers car) with a mix of broken and old worn parts with the new or rebuilt parts is a chap in BC by the name of Neil McDonnell of Neil's Wheels. This was his first British car and it may have been his first complete reassembly. His shop is full of exotic and expensive car bodies awaiting restoration and there are people waiting to have him restore their cars so he must be good but not at the mechanicals. My assumptions re why my project car fell short of the mark is that 1. I was in Ontario - out of sight out of mind. 2. My car was a spec car he'd bought to restore and he had quoted low on what it would cost him and the time it would take to complete. 3. He let himself slip into a bad scene from a credibilty point of view when he did not call off the delivery date a month or more before I flew to BC to pick it up and drive back to Ontario. I think he rushed the finish, took shortcuts, and in the end should have agreed to take his lumps and refund some of my money.

Long winded response but this story is not a simple one. I'm sure he has his side.
Ken Shaddock

You're obviously a gentleman and generous. In today's World there are too few such. Thanks.
Doug Baker

Thanks Ken for the information on Cullingford. When I am broken down in the area, I will know where to go (note when- not if- how pessimistic is that :-))

I hope you get all the bugs out of the car soon. Speaking from experience when I did my ground up restoration, there were a few hiccups when I got the car on the road- usually on items I decided were in good enough shape to be reused (brake master cylinder and clutch slave cylinder, transmission/OD to mention 3). 4 years later I am still working out some bugs (oil leaks, alternator regulator- see recent posts). I think that is what can be expected from a 40 year old vehicle that sat unused and unattended for 20 years.
Michael Petryschuk

Hey Mike... that's what's happening. Stuff that was "good enough" in the DPO's opinion is breaking down or it should have been replaced during the restoration.

I just picked up the car with the new Master Cylinder for the clutch... what a difference! I thought I was losing my touch when shifting... nope, that old Girling unit was on its death bed. One more item off the list. Thank goodness this guy did not do the carbs, engine, tranny, and OD.
Ken Shaddock

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