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Triumph TR6 - New stereo

I want to replace the aftermarket radio and Crutchfield has never heard of a Triumph (but they've got MG info?!) Pulling out the current radio looks easy enough. I'm sure the chassis will fit but I want the new radio to fit snugly and I don't know which of the available installation kits will work best. I can't use the current plastic trim plate because it is the old "shaft-style" with knobs on either side of the tuner. I know someone has done this before...Thanks

Hi dan
I put in a new radio with cassette player in. I had to cut the metal of the dash support bracket. It fits very well and no other support was necessary. The radio should come with its own face plate and a template for the rectangular hole. You will also get the bracket that the radio will slide in and out of (this part is the hole size). It will have tabs on it that get bent over to secure it to the support bracket. I ended up using a file to make the hole bigger in some corners. I ended up with a snug fit which is what you want. All modern radios are pretty much the same size. If you do not want to enlage the hole of the support bracket then you wil need to go to a swap meet to pick up and old style (knobs) radio.

Just a quick question r/e radio's, my TR6 has a new radio, but the only problem I have is that I can only hear it when basically standing still. I have 2 x 50watt speakers that are mounted down by the floor behind the radio, any suggestions for other speakers?
T. Grant

Hi T (TED?)
When I put my radio in I did not bother with front speakers...I was told you would never hear them unless you where standing still ( I guess it is true). I ran good quality speaker wire from the radio beside the tranny tunnel under the carpet. I was fortunate enough that I was installing a new carpet kit so I also ran the wire up under the carpet that goes up and over the back hump then exited at that little half moon shaped piece of carpet at the back pannel. I bought some padded speaker boxes for 6x9 speakers and connected them up (they sit on the ledge in front of the softop). I used quick disconnect style of ends so that the speakers could be removed for show purposes. I can tuck the wire back under the half moon piece of carpet. Since your carpet exists in place then you will need to exit the wires at the very back of the floor carpet. Again, you will be able to hide the wires under the carpet when you go to a show. Beleive will hear the music. When wiring it use just the back speaker connection as you will loose watts if you leave the front connected.
SIDE NOTE: Interestingly enough..I do not have the volume up high because I can not hear the sound of the engine or the exhaust note. I think most would does sound nice!!
Hope this helps

Thanks Rick, great advice, where did you pick up the speaker boxes?. r/e exhaust note, your right, but on the long ride from Ottawa to Montreal I really could use some tunes.
T. Grant

Hi Ted
I actually pick them up at a cheap electronics store on Dundas St in Mississauga. You should have this type of store in Montreal. You can find them in a car stereo store maybe even at Wallmart. You can also use already together "book shelf" speakers from say Radio Shack ( last choice) or Future Electronics or any good stereo store. These might not have as much base though.

Now I find that the aftermarket radio in my TR (the shaft style with knobs) was installed by cutting a three inch wide hole with two round hols on either side. I don't know how these holes were cut because the console is metal, but I need to enlarge the hole to accomodate a standard sized radio. I don't think tin snips will do it. Any ideas? thanks

I can't imagine why anyone would want to mess up their TR6 by cutting out the radio mount to install one of these new DIN mount radio's. There are still several good choices avaiable, that will fit in the original mounting, without cutting. I just installed a new radio in my TR6 ( mine finally died )without a single cut. I used the Kenwood KRC-2007. This is a stock 25 watt AM/FM Cassette, that if wanted can be used in conjunction with a power amp. I haven't seen that to be necessary, as with the front 4" speakers and the back combo speakers, it sounds just fine, and is plenty loud for me. Another big plus of going this route is that instead of paying 2 to 4 hundred dollars, this unit cost $99.00 from Crutchfield, and does not need an installation kit to install.
Arnold Newton

I hear you Arnold, only the radio you describe only comes in cassette and I've got cd's...

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