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Triumph TR6 - new to BBS

I have been a member of the BBS for a year or more but did not use my code name. I found out about it from Charlie Ballard,when I purchased his TR exhaust system from him.(now I can set off car alarms when I go by!)
I feel as if I know most of you from reading your comments in the threads, which have answered my mechanical questions about my TR6 many times.
I had a spitfire for 6 years,and have had the 6 for 4 years(second owner). Thanks for all of your excellent advice over the last year and Jim please don't send me any geese as we already have quite a few

Hi Les

Welcome. Good choice on pipes. My music going down the road is a nice crisp rumble.

For some real fun drive around your VW / AUDI dealers lot just before closing. Wave sensitive I guess. My old trucks pipes set off about 99% of the little devils as I go by. Gets the sales staff and most of there neighbors attention...:)

Mind you I think the woop woop or honk is just a peer thumbs up for a good sounding ride.

We get old too fast. But the truly immature have fun forever.
Bill Brayford

Hey Les,

Not to worry. I only have the one goose.

But you'd LIKE our goose. He's a good sort but I think he's moved in permanantly. All those feathers, droppings, he's found a home I think.

Jim Deatsch

Ha Bill
Looks like one more guest for the party in your (second) office.
Welcome Les..will meet you at Bills BBS members get together.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

This thread was discussed between 02/01/2004 and 04/01/2004

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