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Triumph TR6 - New to TR's

Hello all. Just brought home a nice example of a 1970 TR-6 after several years of MG fun, still have that too : ).
Well any advice (favorite sites) on querks of the 70 TR would be appeciated. I have a set of Bosch 4216's not sure if I should gap to .025 or .035 anyone use these plugs?
While I'm familiar with single strombergs not sure how two will play together, seem to be running fine now so will not mess with them yet. The manual choke is new to me the plunger seems to slip by itself to off position very easily, is this normal or is there another way to lock in position? Just took off the fascia and applied several coats of polyurethane, look s grand highly recommend trying before buying new one.
Stock air cleaners are gone, apparently replaced with K&N knockoffs. Recomendations for refit? longflo users?
Haven't tried static timing before, any advice on that is also needed, also best setting for dynamic.
Yes I do have the bentley manual, good reading just a lot thicker than the Mg version : )
Thanks Ian
Ian Kinaid

Ian ,
Check the Archive section, I think you'll find
alot of what you're looking for.
Christopher Trace

just bought same plugs while in the US for $1.99 a piece...a bargin compared to CDN price. Then you go to BOSCH WEB page and there is a $.60 off coupon/plug!! Such a deal!! At this price I would expect every TR6 in the US to sporting BOSCH 4216s. I will be gaping to .035 but I have electronic ignition and high output coil and 8MM wire set. Try .030 to start off with. Like Chris said, check the Archive of this BBS...lots of stuff. Twin ZS carbs need to be ballanced and make sure proper level of dash pot oil..see archives. The manual choke should not go back in on its own. First I have heard of this. There is no other way to lock them ON (choke knob out). Must be a VERY well lubricated cable set. Choke should stay in any position u set it. Air cleaners are your choice...personally I like K&Ns..the real ones. There was a recent posting re timing..look it up 'cause u throw the book away on this one. Gotta agree with ya, the dash in a 6 looks cool in high gloss.
Have fun
P.S. 2 good publications are The Roadster Factory spare parts Catalogues volume 1 and 2. Go to their WEB page and order will not regret it.
Rick Crawford

You guys are all too young. You probably all use clothes dryers.

In the "good old days" we used clothes lines. And to hold the clothes onto the line, we used CLOTHES PEGS !

If you can find a good used clothes peg (try Ebay) you can use it to hold your manual choke out.

Really very simple - my dear Watson. Pull on the manual choke amd snap the clothes peg open and "choke" the peg around the neck just under the knob.

That'll hold it out till it's warmed up. Then keep it handy for the next time.

Drove my TR 25 miles yesterday - top down !
Don Elliott Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This is what I like about this BBS: Not only do we get to exchange info but we also get a few laughs from the more experienced, older, senior,seasoned owners. Hay Don, aren't clothes pegs made out of modern plastics these days? Ya gotta admit, yours is one for the Tips&Tricks
Hopefully we do not get some new "participant" making a comment re that choking thing of yours.
Thanks for the morning smile
Rick Crawford

My choke stays in place in any position by a simple twist of the knob to lock it. Doesn't everyone else's work the same? Good day. Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Mine works like Rick O's
Don K

Mine is a twist to lock also,drove it 80 miles on Thursday can't wait for it to get a little warmer here. Oh and Don E. 1st 25 were top down also last 55 top up a little to chilly still at 65 plus on the highway. I still have a clothes line and pegs also.
Regards, Keith
KBD Dixon

Hubby and I are new to TR6's also. Just bought a restored 1976 TR6 and spent the day cruising with the top down:) We hear there is a snow storm raging in Calgary at the moment....
We both had MGB's 30 years ago and at first were going to buy another B but this TR6 is pretty nice. When hubby is aat work I get to sneak it out.

Thanks for all the responses. I have my bosch coupon and am looking in the local museums for one of those ancient clothes peg things : ) grew up with ye old clothes line in the back yard in north London : )
guess I shoulda kept a couple pegs.
Ian Kinaid

At a $1.40 / plug you can not beat the price. I tried to down load the coupon to no avail. Probably no good in Canada anyway. Still waiting for some warmer weather to fill the tranny with "correct" oil, fill the engine, and adjust the valve clearance...she is still up on jack stands. Looks like this week is going to be warm enough...finally!! I never noticed about twisting the choke knob as mine stays where put. Ian are u related to a R. Kincaid in Detroit?
Rick Crawford

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