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Triumph TR6 - New TR6 Exhaust System?

My '74 TR6 is badly in need of a new exhaust. What's anyone's opinion on the stainless steel systems out there. Also, can a stock configuration still be found for the car. I have dual free flow on it now, don't think I'm interested in having a new system that is loud. It's hard to tell on my car exactly how loud a free flow is since I have holes throughout the system. One last thing, my mechanic said I should do install it myself since (in his opinion) a muffler shop would not hook it up correctly and it would rattle badly. Has anyone been down this road?? Thanks.
Jeff Hall

I have a single, big bore on my 150 '71 TR6. My mechanics tell me that, apart from burn marks on the back bumper, it's definately the best way. Twin pipes lose you anything up to 15bhp, which is a lot on any TR, but even more on a 125. Makes for a bit of backfire and leaping when cold, but once warm it's really efficent and, moreover, sounds great.
Marcus Hampshire

I am installing a Stebro Free-flow SS systems replacing my 6 years ANSA (still in good shape) and the only part missing was the 2 pipes with flange to the exhaust manifold. I bought it (2 pipes) from TRF a falcon brand and it seems of good manufacture. One thing that is important with SS is to use SS muffler clamps, as contrary to its name SS could rust with reaction with other metal. Another concern would be the muffler that could clog with years or damping material could burn away.
I have heard that SS does not give a so much nice sound than OEM, but is it true,
Cheers, Jean G. Catford

This thread was discussed between 23/05/2000 and 31/05/2000

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