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Triumph TR6 - New TR6 Restoration Manual

The British TR Register has has announced that three new "Enthusiast's Restoration Manuals" are available from England. The first book available is for the TR5/TR250, TR6 (192 pages) and can be ordered now. The two others for TR4, TR4A as well as the TR2 to TR3A will be out in the Spring of 2002.

You can telephone them from North America to order. The number from here is:-

011-44-1235-818866. (Remember when it's 9 AM Eastern Time, it is 2 PM in England).

Each book costs 19.99 (about $37.00 US or $44.00 CDN) and you can pay with MasterCard or Visa.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A, TS 27489 LO
Montreal, Canada

Don Elliott

If that was you I read about in the VTR publication, congrats on th Ken Richardson Award (Durand Cup)

Don Kelly

Yes that was me. Thanks for your comments. There is a photo of me at the top-left of page 1871 of Issue #79. I drove 2424 miles to Colorado (took 2nd in the Concours, 3 points less than the winner who has 200 miles on his since his restoration - and he also trailered his 200 miles from home). Colorado was much shorter than it was in 2000 (3535 miles) to VTR, Portland, Oregon. I did 10,067 miles in "TRusty" this past summer and have put 60,000 miles on it over the last 11 summers since my restoration.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Has anyone actually seen this new manual? Great? Good? Fair? Worth $37? Looking for a brief review.
Keith Rosenblum

Keith - Steve Redway in England reviewed this new book in Issue 174 of TR Action, the magazine of the TR Register. The "TR5/250 & TR6 Resoration Manual" is nicely printed and looks like the Haynes books. As an example on pages 38 and 39 under "Body Restoration", there are 11 photos and an equal amount of text. Quoting what Steve wrote, "It is divided into 19 chapters and covers almost everything you'll need to know on the subject." The author Roger Williams restored his own TR6 and had input from other experts.

Steve's review covers 6 columns in TR Action, an 84 page color glossy magazine of the TR Register (a Club Magazine that's at least as good as Triumph World - but which is dedicated exclusively to TR's) - and he only has good things to say about this new 192 page book. I've been a member for 14 years.

Check out the web-site of the TR Register in England.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A

Don Elliott

Good book The 6-Pack has had it available at a discount for members for about a month.
Dick Porter

Don K
Just to show u how much Don Elliott is a TR lover, He was lucky enough to travel to Coventry on Sunday April 16, 2000 to attend the unveiling of the Standard/Triumph Monument in Canley near Coventry. Now here is the real neat part that Don would not mention (Hope u do not mind Don E, but this is a neat story). Don was the one who suggested that a monument be built and as Don wrote in a TTC (Toronto Triumph Club) club magazine "Thanks to the efforts of many hard working Standard and Triumph fans, capably lead by Dave Lewis, the group leader of the Coventry TR Registry Group, it happened".
Don E has wrote many articles in the TTC and one interesting one is the photocopy of his original "Retail Buyer's Car Order and Agreement" where Don paid a whopping $2,616.00 for his 1958 Triumph TR3. Hope you do not mind me saying all the above Don. It is not very often that you get to "pick someones'brain" (here on this BBS)and know that it comes from a LONG time experienced TR owner who can say "bin there..done that". So, thanx Don and I look forward to meeting you next summer at a TTC event.
Best regards to you and your family this holiday season
Rick Crawford
Owner (not original) fully restored 1971 TR6
Rick Crawford

Don K
OOPS Dons' TR3 is a TR3A..the TR3 was for some reason, unknown to me, know as a TR3 (not a TR3A) at the time of sale. You may wish to enlighten us/me here Don.
Rick Crawford

Standard Triumph's first production sidescreen TR was the TR2. Next came the TR3. When they came out in late 1957 with the first deliveries of the new wider grille TR, it was still called a TR3. When I ordered mine in the spring of 1958, it was still called a TR3 by the Factory and by all TR Salesrooms and dealers. That's why my P.O. calls it a "1958 TR3". I really think that it was the owners who named it the TR3A and it caught on amongst all TR fans. I'm not sure whether S-T ever officially called it a TR3A, but we all know what a TR3A or a TR3B is today.

Don Elliott

Don Elliott

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