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Triumph TR6 - Newest Mod

Well, the vent line from the valve cover to the carbs was disconnected a few weeks ago - there was too much oil going there, IMO, and the plugs were too rich looking. So I routed the vent to an extra radiator overflow jar stuffed with a rag and used hot melt adhesieve to seal up the end of the carb adaptors. It worked fine, a LOT of oil was recovered, but the damn smoke was a pain in the face!!!

So - since the carbon cannister was no longer used, a big jar was substituted as an oil "knock-out" pot. The valve cover vent goes to it, the oil is collected, then the fumes are taken to the carbs. There is no smoke in my face when tinkering with carbs, and all is happy in the world. The funny thing is that's where all my oil was going - probably 1/2 qt per 100 miles or so.

I used a jar from Costco that contained minced garlic. The jar cleaned up fine, but the plastic from the lid REEKED of garlic. The wife swears the exhaust now smells like spagetti sauce....
Brent B

Isn't that standard on a Fiat?
At least it's not rice - people might think you have a Miata.

D.W. Campbell

Brent, what kind of carb adjustments did you have to make after you plugged the adaptors? What year is your 6, and what does the remainder of your emissions setup look like? I'm fascinated by this mod.

Jim Vandenberg

Haa - Doug. The wife just hasn't stopped giving me garlic grief yet... And I still smell garlic when I empty the oil back into the engine.

Jim - I had to rich the carbs up initially, but after I hooked up the K-O pot and sent the fumes back to the carbs, they didn't have to be leaned back out. It's really amazing - I have one of the "Triumphtune" cast aluminum valve covers, and there is no baffle on the outlet pipe. It's a '73, and there is an external feed line to the head. There is EASILY 10 oz. of oil in the jar after 100 miles of driving! The oil started out 10W-30 Redline, but I'm migrating to 10W-40 as additions are needed. Bottom line is you don't need to be burning all that oil.

Not that happy using a glass jar, but at least I can see through it. A radiator overflow jar & lid is just as good if you have one. I don't have a site to post a pict, but I'll send one out if you like & provide an address.
Brent B

Brent--I too have the Triumphtune cover; you may want to stuff a piece of metal gauze in the breather nipple, making sure it's a tight fit. I used a section of a "Chore Boy" copper cleaning pad (the kind used for pots and pans) in mine and have not noticed any oil loss through the breather. There is plenty of vacuum with the gauze in place (removed oil filler cap and could feel the pressure).

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Thanks, Rick. I actually tried that, but I was concerned with whether the pad would contact a rocker arm and cause other problems.
Brent B

Install a K&N Valve Cover Breather Filter. Works good & looks create too.

Jeez, wish I could spell. I meant that it looks great too. Sorry I don't have the Part# off-hand.

This thread was discussed between 27/05/2003 and 30/05/2003

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