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Triumph TR6 - New shaft and Hub

I found the following at Moss Europe

Drive Shaft & Hub Assembly

It is the new millennium and there is now a solution to the hub and drive shaft problems on TR4A ' 6, using modern technology. The main difficulty was finding a shaft which would cope with the amount of "plunge" needed for this type of suspension whilst being strong enough to pass through the small aperture in the trailing arm. This solution is now available for TR4A to TR6 models and is very quick and easy to install. It eliminates drive shaft, hub and u/j problems in one go, and is an outright purchase i.e. no exchange is required. It will also cope with 300bhp!

Any link or pics or $ ? What about the stupid trailing arm hub studs?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Here's the link:

It's a CV joint replacement. There may be more info on the site......

Rod Nichols

Rod- You must spend to much time on the web.
Rick- Go to that site and then go to new products for TR6
Don K.

They are the GKN units that I believe were adapted from the Ford four wheel drive rally cars. They are showing as 546.38 quid, probably includes VAT since the USD price is showing at 830.50 each (USD running at ~0.515 now). Note that the catalog listing shows them as exchange in conflict with the text statement of outright purchase on the new items page. You are still on your own with respect to the hub bearing housing studs on the trailing arms.

Yet another item to add to my "when I have way more money than sense" wish list. Merely saying "more money than sense" is not a tough enough standard. I pass that point if there is enough change in my pocket to buy a pack of chewing gum.

Check out for alternate drive shafts. I have bought other parts from them and have been pleased with the quality.
Dick Porter

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