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Triumph TR6 - Nitrous?

Now that Moss Motors has their supercharger kit on the shelf, at a whopping price, the thought of adding a more economical nitrous kit comes to mind. I've searched the archive but find no discussion of it here. It seems like a great way to get that extra 50HP kick when you want it without all that time and $$$ and your car remains stock.
w lobodinsky

I don't really know what characterisitics nitrous will add to the car (or it's limitations) but I do know that supercharging is like strapping another bank of cylinders alongside the existing ones when you need it!!
Roger H

Nitrous in a Tr6??
NOT in a stock motor!
First time I have heard of someone trying to turn a TR6 into a dragster.
Rick Crawford

A couple of points about nitrous...

In most places certainly here in Australia it is not even close to being street legal and is normally banned from most racing classes.

The extra power comes at a price like burned out valves and holed pistons unless the engine is specifically built to run on the stuff.
Even when it is the extra maintenance costs eliminate the "high power at low cost" theory.

The key to using the stuff is not in fitting the cylinders and the valves but in the control mechanisms which is also where a major part of the cost of a decent addition is as well.

Simply put: the "Fast and the Furious" was a fun movie but it is only a movie. If you are expecting something like the w*nkers in that managed you will be sadly disappointed.


Peter Thomas

I could be done and be successful but you'd have to be very careful. Upgrading the fuel delivery and the ignition would definetly be required and mapping the delivery of the nitrous and fuel would be critical.

The risk of melted pistons, spun rod bearings, and burnt valves would be high. And you'd still get spanked by Miatas. I'd rather just shave the head to up the compression. That with a nice cam should give you 50 more HP if you have a US spec motor.
Tim Brand

Good point...I forgot that one.

Over/up here in Canada they take the keys, put the car on the hook and send it to the crusher. I suppose you could get the flat version of your car back.
Rick Crawford

Nitrous in a vintage tractor engine mounted to a 40 year old frame made out of swiss cheese with drum brakes....that's a good one!
John Parfitt

Maybe there's a shop near you that does nitrous conversions. They'll probably laugh at your idea, too. Or they might just take your money. I recommend a V8.

John - doesn't that just add to the 'driver involvement!!!'
Roger H

John-I don't believe the TR6 engine shares any genes with a tractor engine. The TR2-4a four cyl. is a different story.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Berry, read the literature. It's my understanding that the TR-6 is a derivative of the 1947 Standard Motor Company Tractor engine!!.
Doug Baker

Doug-I don't know what literature you are referring to. The 1947 Vanguard used a 4 cyl. 2088cc wet linered engine that was the basis for the Tr2-4a range of sports cars and also used in Ferguson tractors.
The Tr6 engine evolved from a 803cc 4 cyl eng used first in Standard Eight saloon. It grew in displacement to 1147cc (eventually to 1493cc) then 2 more cyls. were added and it grew to 1998cc and was used in the Vanguard 6, Triumph 2000, and GT6 coupe. Later, the stroke was lengthened to increase displacement to 2498cc where it found a home in the Tr5,Tr250, and Tr6. So as far as I can tell, there are no tractor genes in the Tr6.
BTP Price

Wow Berry, that's some genealogy!! I gotta go check the books I've been reading. I'll get back to you, but it's evident that you're the sage on this subject.
Doug Baker

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