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Triumph TR6 - No Spark ??

I recently aquired a '72 TR6 that had been the recent home to a packrat. After repairing the 10 odd wires, and oil pressure gauge line, i tried to get running. I am not getting spark at the plugs, could someone give advice on where to start. All the other items work, lights, gauages, etc. It has sat for about 2 years. I have drained the gas & cleaned the carbs.
Please help. Jim
JB Jim

First off congtats on your acquisition and hope you have fun with her. Oh Ya, welcome to this BBS.
If you send me an e-mail (edit my address...remove AT and DOT) I will send to you the Lucas Fault Manual which gives you a step by step on finding your problem (not to mention other lucas problems:). Also will send you the wiring schematics courtesy Dan Masters. Total is about 7MB.
Rick C
PS I am about to make public CDII. Just trying to determine best method of distribution to the world. I am considering BitTorrent. I know there is a generous chap on this BBS willing to put it up on his WEB site.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

In the meantime.... I don't know how skilled you are but you may want to make some simple checks.

See if there is 12 volts at one of the terminals of the coil with a voltmeter or test light. There should be 12 volts with the key on. The other terminal (other than the 12volt terminal) is switched on and off by your contact breaker points in the distributor. You can check to be sure your points are opening and closing as you crank the engine over. Assuming you have points of course. If it's electronic ignition conversion then the electronics does the swithcing that the points used to do and is a little more involved in testing.

Good luck

HP Henry Patterson

Hi,the fastest way to find out,is to turn on the ignition,put car in N.Take off dist cap,lay aside.Open points with your finger several times,you should see a spark,any spark will do.If no spark, run a ulta thin file between the points several tmes,do this with ign off.Turn ign back on,open points again with finger,hopefully you now see spark.Put dist cap back on,pull coil wire out of the cap,plug it into a spark plug,lay on block crank eng,you should see a spark.If spark is weak,put wire back in cap,squirt starting fluid in carbs,no choke on.Crank eng, it will eventually fire.Its called exercising an old stored engine after a few of these firings it will eventually run on gas. OR it could be some other problem that I dont have time to go into with typing with one finger. Good Luck.

Thanks for the help. I checked for voltage at the coil, I have 12V at the coil. Checked the ground, it is OK to engine & battery ground. Haven't cleaned the points yet. I checked for power at the points while I was cranking, no luck. No power to other terminal on coil while cranking, either. I took off coil, and am going have checked at Autozone tomorrow.
Will check back in with results. Jim
JB Jim

Something that is overlooked on occasion is where the low tension lead is connected to the points. The electrical path is through the spring. If the low tension lead and the lead from the condensor are sitting on top of the insulator instead of between it and the spring, there will be no spark.

Found my problem, the coil was shorted out. I took it to have it checked, & it leaked oil out. So that told me it was bad. Besides it also had no continuity on either post. New coil from Autozone, $28.00. Have been driving to work all week. Thanks for all the help.

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