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Triumph TR6 - non-member, who is a member

Hello everyone
i acess the bbs last post as a bookmark,so that i
can get to the bbs fairly quick,
could this be the reason members come up as
non members.
p.s 70 tr6 became a doner car
74 tr6 painted and moter being rebuilt,hopefully
time&money hold out and on the road again
by july at the latest.


Check the link you've bookmarked. If you don't see the word access=

New son arrived from overseas a fwe weeks ago resulting in much less TR6 putting together time. Should be interesting se see who finished first.

Don from Jersey
D Hasara

Good DEAL Don, congratulations Dad.

The TR6 will just have to "take a back seat" (sorry, it was there, I had to) for now.

It's not going anywhere. <G>

Jim Deatsch

Malcolm - You can register by clicking on the home page :-

Then click on Triumph and register. If you have already done this, ask our "web mechanic" Mike Plumstead in England for details.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Don, congrats! My oldest baby is 24 and my youngest is 13. The 13 year old is still around and will actually sit around and talk to me when I'm working on the car! Give the little one a couple of years and you'll have a helping hand.

JL Bryan


Ever heard of the "Hockey Stick" Christmas story?

A little boy gave his mother a Christmas gift. She opened it an asked him, "What's this?"

"It's a hockey stick mom," he said.

"But I don't know how to play hockey," she said.

"I know mom. I'm going to show you how."

"Okay then," mom said.

"Oh, of couse you won't mind if I 'borrow' the hockey stick once in a while, will you?"

Moral of the story. Any gift you give that you really want is considered a "hockey stick."

My little boy (7 1/2 months old) now has a very nice set of tools to work on his car with. I'm sure he won't mind of I borrow them once in a while...

My wife understands completely. She got the entire Monty Python's Flying Circus series on DVD for Easter this year. She knows a "hockey stick" when she sees one. (I'm bad, I know).

D Hasara

I am tired of trying this....I have made an attempt a thousand times and it wont allow me to enter as a member. Even though I have a confirmed user name and password, when I log in with it, it doesn't recognize it. So for those of you who see a "non-member" beside my name do not judge us all...we have tried

Hey Don from Jersey you now have it all....:) So whats his name? My heartiest congratulations to you and your wife.

I have 4 ranging from 37 down to 19. 5 Grandkids From 17 to 2+ and one due in June. Younger 2 haven't started yet.

My 2+ grandson equates me with loud exhausts. When I pull into there driveway I always give a bit of a rapp and he runs to the door yelling Papa. My daughter feels we like each other so much because were the same age mentally? My wife thinks he's a bit more mature though.


I'm not sure but I think your security and privacy settings are too high for the sight to send its cookie. Thats a guess without seeing. Try setting both low in your browser and reregister then return to high or whatever you had before. If you have a firewall. Settings there may need adjusting temporarily as well. Most common problem.

Bill Brayford

Marcello, if you are having the same problem that I had logging in as member, the only way to fix it that I found is to do the following. Shut down any firewall that you are running ( Zone Alarm, Norton Security Etc.). Set your browser to accept all cookies. Start up a session, go directly to the BBS site. Log in. This will allow the BBS to accept your ID information and send you the associated cookies. Save the logged in page as you favorite. Shutdown you session. Restart your firewall, and reset your privacy and cookie setting if necessary. Restart your browser and go to you saved favorite for the BBS. If this doesn't work for you, you must have some other problem.
Arnold Newton

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