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Triumph TR6 - Nooooo!!!

No sooner had I purged the hydraulic demon (thought I already had, but the PDWA leaked) after rebuilding/replacing ALL moving hydraulics, then I get a chrome nibbling gremlin. Yup - just like the bomb striker in the Bugs Bunny cartoons.

Last weekend I was driving in nice weather down a state highway when I heard a metallic tinkle and saw a little flash in my left eye. Hummmm. Pulled over and looked around - nothing amiss from that glance. Had a great drive. Got home, went up to the work bench and turned around - Bingo - like the gap in Granny's teeth - that damn little silvered piece that fit's in the windshield trim strip gap was gone. At least the 3rd time.

Then today, pulling onto a road and accelerating I hear a "bing" and see a headlight chrome piece bounce out the left side of the car. Arrrgh - turned around quick, but it was trashed by the time I got back. RIP.

All other chrome feels secure....


Brent B

Lost a trim ring on a RR crossing the 1st spring I had mine, fortunately it rolled onto a lawn and I found it 30minutes later after doubling back. That windshield piece, it always mystifies me how it can walk from left to right unassisted. I haven't lost one yet but it has drifted on a few occasions. BTW the windshield trim is new I installed 2 years ago because it was missing the center piece. Seems like the spare sock in the dryer. There are a couple of trim rings up on ebay now. I have done business with Bluechips before good stuff.
Keith Dixon

There must be a market for those little screen bits!! The second time I noticed it was preparing to jump ship I beat the little sucker to the punch - day to day, I travel without it - she only come out if I'm showing off!!

Roger H

Yeah - That plastic trim strip shrinks over 3 years or so, and when the gap is larger than the "finish" piece, it leaves. I'll tuck away a 2" length after fitting the new strip and write "install in 2006" on it. Think I'll glue the finish piece to one side of the strip, too.

Brent B

Can anyone explain how the chrome piece around the headlight is put on and how it stays there thanks dave
dgf Finch

Brent, before I had the benefit of the collective wisdom here, I just stuck the loose windshield trim back on with a little super glue and it is doing fine. John. Its hard to believe I actually have some knowledge to share!
JL Bryan

The headlight door (the chrome rim, I have no idea how they picked up that name in the crash books and body shop trade, but that is what they were called in this country)is held on by what amounts to spring tension assuming that you think about the headlight bucket as a spring. The upper part of the headlight door is place over the upper lip of the headlight bucket, then pressed into place at the bottom. The rim at the bottom deflects, then serves to hold the headlight door in place. Removal is the opposite. You hook under the headlight door at the bottom and rock it up and out to release it from the bottom, then lift off the rim at the top.

Speaking of things flying off - I was driving back from Oxford on the M-40 towards London (England) down this long hill following a caravan (full house trailer as we call them here in N. America) that was being trailered behind a family Volvo sedan. All of a sudden there were sparks and sparks from the left side rear of the caravan. Then I saw why. The wheel rim had come un-bolted from the drum brake on the caravan, the drum was scraping on the road, and the wheel was bounding along the verge (shoulder as we call it here) and up the hill towards the farmer's fence. The last I saw of it, it was about 20 feet up in the air going over the fence and into the field. I stopped to check with this family who had just set off for the continent on their summer holiday.

The driver pulled over safely onto the verge, and as he got out, I saw a chap about 40 who looked really scared. His wife was terrified and the kids were in tears. We looked at the rear, saw nothing serious and then he asked, "But where is the wheel ?" I replied that the last I saw of it, it was going over the fence at the top of the hill. I suppose he must have found it and put it back on, because about 2 years later when I waas on the same road, he was gone.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

In addition to Steve's comments there is a spring clip that is supposed to lock into a fork on the headlight housing at the 6 o'clock position. That's why in operation it hinges on the top and clasps on the bottom.

Brent B

Took mine out for a 30 mile run today 32F and before I left while I was wiping off the windshield I noticed that my center trim piece was now about a 1/4" smaller than before. I guess I shouldn't have talked about it. Roger's Idea sounds good or also John's and Brent's what a pain in the ass. Great ride though.
PS snow flakes flew on the way home
Keith Dixon

Keith - I think the little center piece is probably metal and still the same size. It's the gap between the ends of the aluminumized plastic trim strip that's grown. Having done several I don't stretch 'em, and butt the ends up as close as a trim razor will allow (a millimeter?) on installation. In 2-3 years there will be a gap of 1 to 2 inches as the plasticiser evaporates out and the plastic shrinks. That also explains why the piece is nice and flexible going in, but usually breaks when removed.

Brent B

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