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Triumph TR6 - O Ring

The o ring on the bolt that goes through the canister of the oil filter on my car has been leaking. Upon inspection it is broken. As you know these o rings are not included with new oil filters. The local british parts supplier does not offer these orings for sale but says they are availiable at local auto stores. I have not been able to find one. Is there any part cross reference to any other vehicle part which can be referred to? As well, I did have a few around from spares I had for my MGA. I have tried to slip them over the nut and washer at the end of the bolt and had broken each of them. Have tried to take the nut off the bolt and seems impossible. Are they supposed to slip over the nut and washer, maybe the ones I tried were brittle due to being over 5-6 years old.

thanks, dave
D Burstyn

No idea on the o-ring. What I mention is the first upgrade I did so have no experience with the canister oil filter.
Now with that said, I hesitate to offer you a suggestion on an alternative choice. I am very aware you asked about the o-ring but there is a better choice here. This upgrade is a good one for the engine and you could very well be aware of it.
There is an upgrade to the oil filter system. The oil filter adaptor. All suppliers have it. oil change is much easier...less mess. Oil stays in the filter when engine is shut down. A modern day selection of oil filters...some good past threads on this subject with a link to a guy who did extensive tests on different filters. Also, you can get the adaptor with or without oil cooler capabilities.
Dave, did you resolve the sinus problem with your 6:)
Rick C
Rick Crawford

As Rick says, go for the spin on adaptor.

However,in the interim, take the bolt with you to a real auto parts store and buy an oring. All real auto parts stores have a box of orings for you to select from.

US $ no more than .50 cents. Canadian prolly a buck and a quarter (G>. Sorry.

Jim Deatsch

Closer to a tooney!
Now there is something only a Canuck would know what I mean:)
Rick Crawford

D Burstyn,
TRF has the O ring you're asking about. Part number 272539 T56G3 RING,OIL FILTER SEALING
$1.10 US.
D R Baker

Dave, part number 272539 is the O ring at the base or mounting surface of the filter housing. If you need the rubber washer that seals the bolt though the filter housing, that's TRF Part number 510109 T56 WASHER,OIL FILTER SEAL CUR $1.25 US.
D R Baker

Ah Rick, but I know the Tooney. In fact, I have the center out of one in my pocket as I type. <G>

And I'm not even Canadian. I do like your beer though.


Jim Deatsch


Here is what you need man.


John Parfitt
S. Parfitt 1

Thanks for the info. There is a tread here about the copper washer in the spin on adaptor collapsing and this poor guy almost emptied his car of oil. That occurance has made me a bit timid about the adaptor. I find if I undoe the clutch slave cylander, and turn it slightly the oil filter canister comes out quite easily. I would not like to loose my oil due to an adaptor while motoring down the road at 85mph. Anyways, went to an industrial supplier and they made some up for me for less than a buck each. I do appreciate that TRF and Moss sells them, but was not anxious to order from far away a part which is supposed to be readily availiable at most parts places. I have done so much work to the car, replacing almost everything in a mechanical restoration that I didn't want to lose time for a small rubber washer. Thanks to all for the info,

D Burstyn

This thread was discussed between 10/05/2004 and 11/05/2004

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