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Triumph TR6 - Obscure spares

I'm looking for three parts that probably need to be obtained "use". I think all of the parts catalogues list them as NA. If anyone can help, please send me an email.

1) Plastic Check link for glove box lid. MOSS part #633-150

2) Steering column harness cover. MOSS part #667-485

3) Trip reset cable. MOSS #633-470 (I think I know where I can obtain one new $$ so slightly used would be preferred).

I was at Ancaster this morning and I think I saw a few of these items float by, but the water was simply too deep and fast to go in after them. :-)

tks Mati
Mati Holland

VB shows the hinge (633-150) as available.
12-5579...$5.95. This is chromed metal not plastic (originally for years ???). Maybe a local cabinet maker or Home Depot. Check "hinges" on WWW?

Item 2. I think I have one. You can have it. Will look for it.
Item 3. UMMM buy it?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

I was also at Ancaster and I am now a certified Life Guard. As for the parts, when I purchased my TR6 I also aquired a whole bunch of parts with it. 4 boxes worth. I need to sprawl it all out on my drive way and take inventory. I plan to tag the stuff by ident. Long story short, once that is done (weather permiting) you are welcome to anything I have,/.

I found item 3 ...trip reset...was not looking for it. It may be missing a flat round plastic piece where it goes into the spedo. Mine has this plastic piece and appears it is used to "hold" it to the spedo. The end that goes into the spedo looks like it has some locking tabs so it might be OK.
I was positive I had a spare harness cover plate. I search high and low. In reality, this one is easily made out of metal and sprayed black.

You've got mail. Well the type that is slow. I will send it off to you.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks guys!

I'll check in with VB and I'll keep my eye on the mail. Next beer is on me.

I wonder how many cars and BBS members got washed away on Sunday? Damn shame it hit 25C in the sun today. Hopefully it dried a few of them out.
Mati Holland

Speaking of spares, any idea where I could get a complete set of throttle linkage for a TR6 PI? I need them for my EFI conversion using Lucas throttle bodies drilled for electronic injectors.
Gene Holtzclaw


I suggest look a bit further than the original linkages, particularly with the way your project has been heading from the beginning (I've been following it with some interest).

The original ones were notoriously difficult to adjust and any wear / play in the bushings made them a pain to set up (even eurethane replacements were not good enough in my view). You also need asbestos gloves as the linkage hangs below the throttle bodies above the exhaust manifold!

I bought a Revington's overhead linkage unit. While it was an improvement, I still had to modify it to prevent flex in the stantions, and I used rose joints in lieu of the eurethane bushes. Access and butterfly adjustment is now a breeze.

I suggest you make your own - it would be cheaper (and easier?) than buying and modifying Revingtons. I can email you some pics of mine if it would help.

e: wizidofoz(x)
Roger H

Gene, talk to Malcolm at this link:

I'm sure he can help you.

G Wennergrund

Thanks guys. I like the idea of making my own as I think between me and my machinest friend can come up with some pretty ingenious ideas. However, the hiem(?) joints this small leave me clueless as to where to get them. It seems that a set could be made that allows direct connection via linkage rather than the cable route that seems to be used by some.
Gene Holtzclaw

see on Ebay:

for the column harness cover.

Good luck.

Eric de Lange

Gene - not sure what you mean by "cable route". Apart from the accelerator cable itself, there are no cables involved. The linkage is connected to the butterfly spindles via small "ball" joints from the overhead spindle arms. This is where the adjustment is done to syncronize.
Roger H


Try racing supply outfits such as Pegasus. In the meantime, to get a feel for what is out there you can go to Aurora Bearings. They have all manner of spherical bearings listed.

Thanks Eric! How many times have I gone looking and never seen one on Ebay??

Seller confuses me a little, claims it only came on TR6's up 1972? Can anyone confirm? My car is '76 and two wires are exposed below the column? tks


Mati- The guy lives in my town and am not familiar w/ him.
Don K.


Think I can make you one in about 20 minutes if I can find mine to go by. Think its still on column upstairs at shop? Not sure what year they were up to. E-mail me and let me know. Its just scrap tin and a bit of bend and weld.

Bill Brayford

This is a strange thread with two topics, but Roger H, I thought that the PI cars had a throttle cable that attached to the linkage that works the throttles. I would like to use NO cable, only linkage. So, the idea of checking with racing suppliers is greatly appreciated.
Gene Holtzclaw


Heres a sight that has the idea you want. Personally I just go to the local industrial supply place and pick them up? Used in maintenance of all kinds of stuff.


Bill Brayford

Sorry to hi-jack your thread Mati - Gene, we can email if you prefer but this may be of some interest to others so I'll carry on for the moment - (new thread maybe??)

Gene - I've checked some exploded diagrams and I can see a few cables alright! - I can see how you may have got the wrong idea.

There are two systems - CP series (to 1973 and CR series (73 on). CP series manifolds are better (round opening at head and straighter) - but you have yours anyway.

CP linkage has a common spindle with three 'risers' (threaded rods) that control the three butterfly spindles from below, as it is mounted below the manifolds. This should be the basic concept you use, but mount it ABOVE the manifolds. It is actuated by the accelerator cable. There is a separate (twin) cable to the metering unit (mixture control) and the linkage (air control). With EFI you probably don't need it at all.

Forget the concept of the CR series as it relies on one butterfly spindle actuating the second, which then actuates the third. Any play at any point along the links means difficult adjustment and quick to get out of sync.

What we call 'rose' joints, you guys know as 'heim' joints - definitely the way to go.(Thanks to Bill's link). Racing suppliers (SteveP) will have all the bits you need - start with the CP butterfly spindles - tap a thread into the side of each 'leg' and attach a small 'ball' for the adjustable rods. solid mounting blocks/plates are bolted to the flanges on the bottom front face of each manifold.

It is also worth adding a return spring to the linkage to help close the butterflies. The return springs on the butterfly spindles only may not be enough to snap them shut.

Hope it helps

Roger H

Thanks guys! This looks like enough to get going on. We have come much further on my s/c project since I last posted pics. I actually have the pulley/serpentine belt system complete now with belt mounted. We wound up using a self-tensioner off of a GM V-6 and a idler pulley off of a Ford 5 liter to get more belt coverage on my altenator (35% or more I would say). It looks like the next step is to now pull my engine and start mounting stuff.
Gene Holtzclaw

Mati and Bill
Back to your topic.
Bill it is a simple piece that is "C" shaped. There would be no welding involved. One end has a tapper to it. In mine, the other end is held inplace by a support clamp for the steering column. I beleive this clamp to be the one with the anti-theft bolts on it.
Rick C

Rick Crawford

As to your no#1 I have a repaired check link that is yours if you want it, free.

if you're going to spread all of that stuff out on your drive way, invite a few of us over and we could have all identified in minutes.
Not to mention that it could be alot fun doing it.
You would be flabergasted how how long some of us have spent looking at these things.
Christopher Trace one night this summer I'm going to have a BBQ and square things up with you guys. First you help me get my car in order and now you find three odd parts with one email. How lucky can you get.

Any interest in doing something around the Molson Indy? Day at the track and then a BBQ?
July 9, 10, 11

Mati Holland

5 friends and I go down to the Molson Indy every year. We go down the Thursday afternoon and come back Monday AM. We stay at Ontario Place and if you are down there you are welcome to come over for wabely pop. Or via cell phone catch you at the race.

This BBS has done the same thing for me Mati. You are looking for something and the next thing you know, it is in your mail box.
The love of our cars and helping others out...that, is what it is all about.
Thanks not required, just glad I could help out.
Rick C
PS you've got mail
Rick Crawford

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