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Triumph TR6 - OD Transmission

Gathering opinions--

Is $1,500 a fair price to pay for an early overdrive transmission that has, as far as I know, has not been rebuilt? The $1,500 would include the switches and the wiring harness.

That price is in the ball park. Unfortunately it is a story of supply and demand.
It would be nice to know a little history on the OD. The wiring harness should also include a relay.

There are other options on OD transmissions. There has been discussion on this in the ARCHIVES. You need to joint this BBS (free) to get access to the archives.
Rick Crawford

Last time I looked, you could get a John Esposito rebuilt O/D gearbox for about US$2200 (got my Esposito A-type for $1800 in '02). The A-type O/D is becoming rare and will be worth more. Unless the owner can vouch for its condition, $1500 seems a bit high and rebuilding can get costly. Make sure the gearbox mounting flange is what you need (different on '73 up TR's). Good luck.
Rick Orthen

For your reference,last year I purchase thru a group deal a used J-type Volvo OD with all the parts necessary for about $650.
I havn't installed it yet. That is another story.
Merry X'mas
Paddy Kan

Assuming this is Chris in Beautiful Denton, the A-type is correct for your 1970 TR6. If you were to go to a J-type, you will indded have to use the later TR6 cross piece that bolts to the frame rails at the rear of the transmission. As for the price, it sounds high, but I also know that the sales price of A-Type units has gone up considerably and it might not be out of line if it includes all of the other required bits for the conversion.

Just by chance, have you contacted Jeff Sloan at British Auto Specialists ( ) in Fort Worth? They are off airport using airport transfers tonbridge Freeway (TX 121) north of downtown on Solona. I had gotten a transmission with an A-type and a hardtop from him several years ago. He might be in a better position to let you know what those things go for at this time.

Steve, I'll give Jeff a call next week.


This thread was discussed between 21/12/2006 and 24/12/2006

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