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Triumph TR6 - Off subject question for the wise

My kid got one of those gas powered scooters. To adjust the idle, should I turn it all the way in (clockwise) and then back it out a few turns? It seems like it ought to be pretty generic, but we are having problems getting it to idle well. Thanks, John.
JL Bryan

Does it have a Z-S or SU carb?
Brent B

It if had either, I'd be okay. I have good pictures of those! Unfortunately, the directions were written by someone for whom english is probably a 3d language and the pictures are so bad you can't see anything. I have some small gas engine yard tools and can look at hose instructions maybe, but I figured someone here would know. John.
JL Bryan

Use all the knowledge you have plus what you can get from the archives here. All tech knowledge is transferrable. Check the gas tank for crud, Blocked lines or filter, fuel pump flow or spitting, etc. etc. Check and clean or change the spark plug. Check the wiring.

Don Elliott, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

Usually when a mixture screw is turned "in" it leans out the mixture.
Brent B

Pull the tank and flush. If it's older and 2 cycle replace the fuel lines. Even the best decay after a # of years and feed crap. Due to the oil mix.

Depending on the carb type in or out on them is a guess. Only played with Yammi old Brits and Vespa bikes over the years. Idle problem as Don points out is most often junk in lines. Most small ones idles are preset not adjustable. Watch your mix easy to blow a hole if too lean hot. A very small amount of fuel injector carb cleaner will help after a bit of run and sit repeated. Very small openings in the carb.
Bill Brayford

This thread was discussed between 31/01/2004 and 01/02/2004

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