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Triumph TR6 - Oh NO!!!

I was a beautiful afternoon for a drive - warm, sunny. Put 43 miles on the TR6. I stopped at the light and waited to turn into the subdivision where I live, put it in gear to make the turn, and got a horrible clunking noise instead of movement as I let the clutch out.

I tried this several times with the same result. Reverse worked the first time I tried it, but not since. Got the Mrs. to pull me the 1/4 mile home, and the thing clunked all the way while in neutral. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet - I'm guessing it's either a broken axle u-joint (I couldn't be that lucky) or a wasted differential (I could be that "lucky").

I did notice that I got some clunks this afternoon when I put it gear. Also on the drivers side. I guess I'll see when I get it up on stands.

Brent B

Let's all bow our heads and pray for Brent. May his problem be minor in nature and quickly resolved.

There should be some law against LBCs breaking on beautiful days like today.

Good luck Brent. I sure hope you're lucky today.

My Six is still in pieces waiting for my spare time of which I have little.

Don from Jersey
D Hasara

Thanks, Don - it must have worked.

After finishing up the yard work I pulled the rear drivers side wheel to check things out. First thing I saw was the rubber "gaiter" was pretty much in shreds. Gotta be the U-joint then, right? Nope - 3 of the 4 bolts on the inner flange were gone, and the 4th was loose. The u-joint side is broken at a bolt hole, so will have to be replaced. It could have been a lot worse!!

Brent B

There he gazed upon the lucky fix... and it was good.

We all breathe a sigh of relief on your honor Brent.

- Don
D Hasara

Yup...You must of had a lucky goose sitting on your shoulder. Could have been worse ( at speed).
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Sorry to hear that Brent. Just curious: is your six warmed over HP wise?

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

driveshaft bolts loosening is quite a common occurance with UK cars, I always use new locknuts and 'Locktite' as well and any time I'm under the car for whatever I check the security of them.
R. Algie

Yeah, Ron - that's a tough lesson to learn. I didn't use new lock nuts last year when I put in new differential mounts, and it bit me. I checked the "good" side this evening and 2 of the 4 nuts were loose. The drive shaft is OK, though. Maybe I'll be back on the road by Sunday.

Brent B

This thread was discussed between 18/04/2004 and 20/04/2004

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