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Triumph TR6 - Oil adapter filters

Hello all
iknow its some where in the archive
but does anybody know/recall the best type model #
to use with the TR6.
M Macdonald

Malc - there are a variety that fit the thread and face diameter. I use ones that fit BMW as they have a longer canister and therefore more filter area. Downside is that it must be kicked forward slightly at the bottom to clear the clutch slave cyl.

Quality of the filter is important and also making sure it has an integrated non-return valve.

I can't remember the filter number off-hand but will look it up if someone doesn't beat me to it :+)

Roger H

Roger is right on re quality, find the best available. Don't worry about the integrated non-return valve, not needed with the filter mounted vertically, ie threaded end up, it uses up a lb or so of oil pressure to open.

I have this list on my computer - not sure where it is from...

Fram PH3600
Motorcraft FL400-S
Ac X21+
WIX 51516
Purolator PER195
K&N HP-2009
Crosland GFE148
I was told that if you cross reference a 1991 Ford Escort, any of those
will fit.

I just put one of the K&N filters on - it is quite a bit longer than the Crossland I took off. I figure bigger must be better, at least up to a point. It has a nut welded onto the end as well, which makes installation a lot easier. Took about 30 minutes to get the old one off and the new one in place and tightened (don't ask me why I decided to do the job with the wheels on the ground...), but with the nut on the end I got it tight enough that I had no leakage - I still have marks on the garage floor to remind me how much oil was spilled last year before I got a decent seal tightening with oily hands.


OK, this is likely a dumb Q but does anyone still use cartridges for the original canister and if not, is the spin-on adapater readily available? Where? Thx in advance!

K. T. Shaddock

All the usual suspects have the spin on adapter. Compare prices among them for best deal. Combine with stainless hoses to a cooler (13 or 16 row) mounted in front of the radiator and you'll be up to speed with today's technology for additional cooling for your engine.
Doug Baker

Thanks guys
I had bought the adapter fom a buddy whose at
least a year away from geting his 6 on the road
and he had a mastercraft attached to it,so it's
off to the Auto parts supplier.
Anyone out there have a favourate.
Malcolm Macdonald

Thx db. My car is in restoration currently... hope to have it by end of month or early June. It's on the west coast (BC). At that time I'll track an adapter down and also learn about coolers. This 76 is stock and being restored to original except for SS exhaust, OD, leather seats, and a paint code change to 126 so functional improvements over stock will occupy me & my wallet for a while I suspect. Ken.
Ken Shaddock


Take a look at the adapter from BPNW. It is a newer design that is spring loaded so that you don't have to screw around with different inner 'O' rings. I had a bad time with one of the standard spin on adapters and it leaked oil out of the mounting bolt. I could not get it to seal. Then I found the spring loaded one. Works great. I forget who makes them but if you check the BPNW site or talk to someone there you can find out. I'm sure other suppliers sell them as well.

HP Henry Patterson

Found it Henry. Thanks for that. This rookie LBC owner will get there... "with a little help from friends" in BBS land.

I'll wait 'till I have the 6 here in Ontario before I order. You never know... the chap doing the restoration may surprise me and have already added this solution.

BTW, I went down this road with my 56 Chevy in the 70's. Its 265 came with can & cartridge and in time I did the switch to spin-on which not only made things convenient but left less mess when I crawled under and did the dirty deed.


Ken Shaddock

You might want to ask your engine rebuilder if he has already installed the adaptor. Do not know any TR6 that is "old school".....way to much of a mess changing oil filters.
PS Me thinks you need to rattle a few cages out west???
Rick Crawford

Hey Rick...
Well I know this car will be built "old school" when it comes to oil filters. He was determined to make the car as correct as possible. As far as delivery goes, I agree. I'm becoming ticked. With a week or more on the rails coming cross-country this LBC may arrive 2 months into the season... ugh! Ken.
Ken Shaddock

Ken - if I am reading this right, you may end up with the original "bolt in" canister with replaceable filter?? -- if so, seriously consider the spin-on adapter (with IMO oil cooler option).

In addition to less mess, it is a significant (essential) improvement over the original as it does not allow the oil to drain down from the top of the engine when the engine is off. The original units allowed the drainback, that is why there were many rocker shaft wear problems in the early days. It took a few seconds for the oil to be pumped up to the top of the engine and a consequence was increased rocker shaft wear. This is probably the reason that aftermarket external rocker oil feeds were popular for a while. Even though originality may be important, you will find it could cause medium term problems, particularly if you let the car sit for a while between outings.

While though you are not in the hottest of climates (!!) you may consider a small oil cooler at some time in the future, if so, get the adapter plate that has the oil pipe outlets and bridge with a short 'U' pipe to allow the correct oil flow.

Roger H

Thanks Roger. Ontario's driving season is 6 months (May through October... perhaps the flip of yours) but there can be many days or weeks in the high 30's C so staying cool can be a challenge. I appreciate too the heads-up on valve train wear so I will look into the proper spin-on & cooler. This rookie LBC owner would like to avoid surprises but lacks knowledge on the subject.

Rick: Exhaust system on, interior panels this week, seats ready, carpeting on order... getting there s l o w l y.
Ken Shaddock

This oil filter study has been here on the BBS a few years ago.
Rick Crawford

a few others:

Bosch 3422
Mann & Hummel w719/12 (my favorite)

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