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Triumph TR6 - Oil drain plug problem

So this is kind of a follow up to the fuel leak issue. I changed out the fuel pump and now need to change the oil. Darn square head drain plug bolt is in there Like tight. I see that a 7/16 eight point socket is supposed to work but to no available I can feel the corners rounding. Now I haven't warmed the engine up because of the gas in the crank case oil. Any tips? As soon as that plug is out I will replace it with a hex bolt plug. I'm sure there is a replacement out there some where. (deep sigh)
A Vandergoot

Al, the best thing to do is get on that with a small pipe wrench or a pair of vise grips if it's already rounded off. You can't replace it with a bolt because it's a pipe thread, i.e. tapered. Go to any big box store and get I think it's a 1/4" pipe plug. Best thing would be take the old one with you. Run a few laps of teflon tape around it and put it back in place of the old one. Just not so tight!

Good Luck

rw loftus

I had the same experience with a TR-5. The plug would not yield to anything until it hot rounded off. The last resort was to weld a nut on to the plug and undo that.
I hope this helps.
Kypros Christodoulides


You can buy 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 inch tapered pipe thread plugs with hex heads. - a good plumbing store will have. I think it is bigger than 1/4 though. 1/2 inch seems to be what I estimate the size to be but my memory is dim.

Vise grips or pipe wrench will proabably be successful.
Michael Petryschuk

Hi Al... since you live in Canada you might be aware of 'Krown Rust Control' outlets. They sell a product in a spray can called The Solution. It's awesome stuff and loosens anything I've had to deal with in past.
Ken Shaddock

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