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Triumph TR6 - oil filter brands

I am looking for other brands of oil filters that I can use ..I have the spin on adapter..and am using unipart GFE-166..these work fine but I am looking for a filter that is easier to find...Thank's
Peter Becker

Hi Peter. I use a Purolator PureOne PL20195. In addition, any cross match with a Wix or Champion Labs (believe it or not, Champion makes the excellent SuperTech cheapy filter found at Wal Mart) filter will be an excellent choice. I don't use Fram because they are orange;)

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

I've used the following:

Mobil 1: ML-102 (pricy, but with Redline synthetic, why not?)
AC: PF 53
Purolator: PER 241

Brent B

I've been using Crossland filters they are from the UK and are available thru TRF, as good as any I have found I don't remember how much they were, but Moss sells K&N filters for $13.00 plus shipping LBC would be less.
Regards, Keith

This subject came up about 2 years ago on this BBS. Check out this link...some guy (with maybe a little to much time on his hands) did the work for you.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks to all for your Input....I now have plenty of choices ...Peter B. Grand Bend. Ontario.
Peter Becker

I use Mann oil filters with my spin-on adaptor. Mann is a very high quality German filter (OE on Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, etc..). Some place on the net had them and I can't remember the P/N of the filter but I will check in the trunk of the car tonight.

Anyone with experience with the Canton / Mecca (CM Filters) spin-on filters or their remotes ( )?

Likely overkill for street use, but looks interesting.

Regards, Len

P.S. Don, thanks for the pic of Louise, you & TRusty. Added it to "My Pictures" folder which then gets brought up with the screen saver. So I guess I will be seeing you on a somewhat irregular basis.
LG Middleton

This thread was discussed between 06/10/2003 and 08/10/2003

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