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Triumph TR6 - oil in the cooling system

hi all,

I have just started my TR6 for the first time in about 4 years.It has been laid up in the garage.
Eventually it stared ok and i ran it till it reached temp.
No problems,leaks smoke etc.
The next day after i started the car i noticed that the exhaust was smoking more than
before and when i checked the water in the radiator found it contained a black film.
Did the head gasket,fresh water in rad, restarted the car today and the oil is still there.Again some white smoke from the exhaust.There appears to be no water in the oil; ie. white sludge in engine,the oil is clear
as it is new.

Has anyone had this experience or similar or could shed some light on.

Any help would be appreciated


bob whitehead


I believe that you have a leak of water(antifreeze) in the combustion chamber by the white smoke and the black film previously observed may be rubber hoses degradation as it is rare that oil is going in cooling system, but not impossible. As I am not fluent in englis "did the head gasket" does that mean that you replace the head gasket, is yes and a leaking still there the head must not be straight.
Cheers, Jean G. Catford
Jean G. Catford


You might be right about the hose degradation.So far i have replaced the
oil - no water or sludge in oil or sump- compression checked the cylinders -
all were 180 (a bit high but the head has been skimmed in the past) -
no water droplets coming out of the tail-pipe.
Today i will be flushing the cooling system with a detergent and see
what happens.

bob whitehead

This thread was discussed between 13/07/2000 and 16/07/2000

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