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Triumph TR6 - oil line

Has anyone had the pleasure of breaking the plastic oil line to the gauge? I broke mine while changing the oil filter, and tried to fix it by putting the oil line to the barbed fitting. I could not for the life of me get that plastic line back over that little fitting attached to the engine. Do I replace the complete oil line?

Mine is a brass line and I beleive it to be OE (1971).
I presume you have removed the fitting from the engine block and have it closer to you. A little (and do mean little) bit of heat from a small propane torch might help to get it over the barb.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


The same thing happened to me once and I replaced with a new line. Cheap and easy to do...

J. G. Catford

You will need a new line - the old one is probably too brittle and will keep breaking. A new line comes with the fitting to the engine already attached. TRF has them in stock, as I recently ordered and received one (although I am still waiting for my fuzzy seals and new dash - since Feb 05)

Bob Blair

Don't feel bad Bob. I ordered a cap from TRF about three years ago. Still on back order. It's always listed on my invoices though so I haven't given up.

Can you refit a new oil line with out taking the dash front apart. The manual says to remove speedo and tach, then take the screws out of the fascia and lower it to get to the connection at the gauge. I was wondering if anyone has been able to remove the oil gauge by itself to service the line?

Virtually impossible to get your hand up there. It would be easier to pull the dash out slightly. We aware that there is a possibility that some gauge bulb holders might come out. Have a close look at these as you put the dash back in place. The main bulbs that will be the problem are on the speedo and tach. These 2 gauges are not exactly easy to remove.
Rick C
Rick Crawford


Don't fret over your cap. I ordered a green hose set in '91 and got them in '95. Four years, seven months and a teanscontinential move from Alaska to Indiana, but they still found us.


I just purchase a 1970 tr6 2 weeks ago. It has been running beautiful until yesterday . The engine on the passenger side near the carbs is leaking oil onto the exhaust manifold . I cannot see where the oil is coming from exactly but it is enough oil that the fumes are smoking up the entire garage.The exhaust and intake manifold are so close together I cannot get in to see where the oil is leaking. Any suggestions on where the leak may be coming from before I dismantle everything?


There are not many places for oil to leak from on the passenger side. Valve cover, head gasket and the breather hoses (if you have a lot of blow-by). Any of these would just be drips, with no pressure behind them.

I doubt that the head gasket is your problem. If it was the valve cover gasket you could see the oil leaking onto the head before hitting the exhaust manifold. One of the breather hoses that attach to the carbs or manifold may be cracked, loose or fallen off. Depending on the condition of the engine or if you have an oil bypass line installed this could be the source of your problem.

No offense, but is it really oil? There are a couple of water lines running in that area with the one in the intake manifold being known for failure.


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