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Triumph TR6 - On the road again!

My 1971 TR6 is on the road again! Clive rebuilt the motor, then there was an alternator problem, then we discovered the bleed nipple on the front left brake had been broken off for some time. But, Clive got it straightened out and it seems to run great.

We got it back on the road this morning and I drove it to a British car club gathering this afternoon--if he wants, it will probably get Clive a lot of business.

So far, everything seems good. I'll check back in after a few more miles and let you guys know if anything falls off!

As far as break in, I plan to keep it under 3000 RPM and vary that for the first 500 to 1000 miles or so. Does anyone have any suggestions on a proper break in?

Also, in terms of driving, it cruises at about exactly 60 MPH now at 3000 RPM. That seems a bit better than before.

Cheers, John
JL Bryan

Sounds great! I bet you are a happy camper:)
Enjoy your summer with her.
Not much advice but to simply vary the RPM when crusing for a distance.
Rick C

PS how close is "at about exactly"???
Sorry John, could not resist asking:)
Rick Crawford

suggestions for "Proper Break in", we'll that depends on whether you leave the top down or not...also, what kind of sound system are we talkin? (John, I would never...)
Congrats. Chris
c.a.e. emenhiser

Hi, John
In the distant past, as my fading memory remembers, you should push the motor closer to red line in short durations in order to help push the piston closer to the top. All the guru out there, correct me if this is wrong.
Paddy Kan

John- Just bury the right pedal!

Bad, bad advice! I want this rebuild to last 20 years or so.

I think you're supposed to vary the rpms for the first several hundred miles and not exceed 3500 rpms.

The top is never up because it has some holes in it and is ugly. If it looks like rain, the car stays inside. Like today, we had our first rain in several months, so unless it dries up by early evening, the car will stay inside today.

Rick, it varied between about 59 and 60. I think that is a lot better at 3000 rpms than it was before.

JL Bryan

I wouldn't exactly impose some sort of upper or lower rev limit during break in. Once the engine has seen a couple of heat cycles, and you are reasonably sure you have a grip on leaks, I would run it moderately aggressively to get everything "heated and seated" Avoid lugging it into detonation, and limit the duration of max effort stuff. Other than that, drive the sucker. If you want to make the engine last 20 years, keep the oil full and clean, keep it tuned well, and keep your foot away from the clutch pedal when starting.

Ask an airplane mechanic about break-in procedures, and compare that to the take it super easy approach. Normal use falls somewhere in the middle. Good luck!
Nate Steiner

Good advice Nate, told John to drive it normally just not to thrash it, the motor runs great and is very throttle responsive now that we have lost 12lbs from the flywheel and have used the Ferrari clutch for the first time, We were hoping to get it on the road sooner but have had issues with electrics and brakes, and thanks for your advise told we dont want the pistons getting to close to the top!!! Thanks
Clive P

last sentance should have read Thanks Paddy told John we dont want the pistons getting too close to the top. If I try to highlight a word this site deletes it!
Clive P

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