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Triumph TR6 - On the road again!

Brought the 75 TR6 home from winter storage yesterday. The car was beautifully clean under the cover and started first time - nice drive home from Carlisle to Oakville. Now clutch changing time - as discussed in an earlier thread I have gone for the Sachs kit from BPNW so will post what I find later on.


B.J. Quartermaine

It sure is nice to get the car going again... I'm leaving for Florida at the end of the week and after I get back the TR will come out of storage.

I didn't read your thread regarding your clutch replacement but, at the risk of going over what may already have been covered,..are you going to replace all other clutch related parts while you're in there? i.e. clutch fork pin, clutch shaft busings, etc..? It's the stack up of wear on those parts that cause clutch actuation issues. Is your engine rear main seal leaking? Good time to replace that while the trans is out.

Good luck

HP Henry Patterson


Thanks for your thoughts. Yes - I have also got a new cross shaft, bearings, fork, T/O collar & bearing plus the infamous taper pin. No apparent oil leaks from the engine rear main seal but will check when the g'box is off. This will be my first work on the TR6 after six years owning a 73 MGB, which I really enjoyed. I installed a rebuilt engine plus a 5-speed gearbox conversion produced by Hi-Gear Engineering in the UK. Covered 10,000+ miles prior to selling in 2005. That was a lovely gearbox (Ford type N - I must say that in comparison, the TR gearchange is a bit truck like! Maybe the clutch change will improve the feel by providing a full release.

Stay tuned.


B.J. Quartermaine

Henry I noticed you are coming to Florida next week , If you are able to come to our British car meet we would be very pleased to see you. Check out the web site at and click on classic car show or Wheels across the pond
Clive Parker

Barry- When I 1st read your post I was trying to figure how you were going to see an oil leak with the glove box out???

something of note,Quantum sells a Ford 5 speed for the 6 too.


Thanks for the offer. I would love to be there but we are staying in the panhandle on Pensacola Beach. Pretty far away from Jupiter (Don Kelly.. That's Jupiter Florida) I know they have a British car meet on Pensacola Beach but It's not likely they will have it the same time we are there. I'll just have to stick to the plan of sitting on the beach sipping on a cold beer.


HP Henry Patterson

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