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Triumph TR6 - Ontario Smog Police INFO

Hi All

Anyone running a TR or Classic living in southern Ontario or coming into Southern Ontario.

We have had roadside spot checks supported by OPP pulling over cars for Emissions all week. They plan to do this throughout the summer. They are in theory out to get any vehicle with visable smoke coming from the exhaust. But also inspecting any older or custom looking car they think might have polution equip. removed or enhanced.

That is not in there mandate as far as I can find from the web. Several calls to there office in Toronto get me voice mail. Left 3 messages today and have not had a return.

From what garage owner friends seeing a stream come in and fellows stung are telling me. They are major targeting older vehicles and customs most just coming on the street. Past the 20 year emissions inspection requirement. If its loud or old it must polute thinking.

If they find any faults, or emissions removed no matter what the age and if "you can't prove" your vehicle did not come with a Cat. or any other device is not hooked up or missing they ticket you for $305.00 Plus a "get this victims tax" of $75.00 for a total of $380.00 fine. All 5 I know of of many stopped in last few days were given this ticket. All very nice classics just out from storage. No warnings or comply notices just tickets!

From what I can gather if your vehicle is by your "statements" to the environmental officer a vehicle that has modifications to engine, drive train or body and is over 20 years old. It is a Hot Rod.

Or if you state a "completely rebuilt vehicle" it must come up to 1980 emissions standards. Read Cat. installed maybe. I ran the truck through a friends and it passed real well no cats.

So be very carefull what you say if stopped. Do not say I completely rebuilt it or modified in any way.

ChrisT please post if you ever get stopped. "Heck no officer just a factory upgrade" they were putting V8s in all the cars back then. Never heard of a Sunbeam Tiger?

In the interests of the environment and $380. my Rodded 78 truck not caught is going in for about $900.00 in compliance modifications this AM exhaust and intake. Without all of that it tested in the 90s year range without cats for emissions. Just clean burning.


Bill Brayford

Next thing you know the OPP will be setting up these checks for those of us going in to and out of our annual events.

Well that is about the most disgusting story I'v heard about the bloody government in a long time.

You won't find any aircare nonsense in Alberta.

I left Vancouver British Columbia 6 years ago amist the beginings of the so called "Air Care" program which had me pouring pure methanol from a laboratory into my 350 hp HKS Mazda Turbo II trying to pass inspection.

Meanwhile, hundereds of city busses and 18 wheel diesel engines were belching out this thick smelly black smoke and of course all those were and still are exempt from the Air Care program.

What a sham - as usuall the government figures out another way to tax the public.

Driving seasons here - the hell with the cops!!!!

John Parfitt

Thanks Bill,
I'll keep an eye out for smokey the bandit.
Christopher Trace

This thread was discussed between 28/03/2003 and 31/03/2003

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