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Triumph TR6 - Opinion requested

According to 'Original Triumph'. All sixes came with black windshield frame and black 'tail'. My car has both areas in body color and looks real nice. Have seen many this way - a personal preference or??? I feel the contrasting rear looks good with the lighter colors where there is a definate contrast: Mine is a dark color where there would be virtually no contrast.. What are the boards views ? Peter
Peter Gooch

I,m not an absolute purist, but I do like these areas the way Triumph made them. Black. Although, considering the cars, maybe they did the rear panel that way to hide the oil deposits that blow out from the leaks as you travel down the road.LOL!
w Holtzclaw

I do like the way the TR had the back flat black...very original and unique and especially looks good with that Kamm tail.

I think that it sets it apart from all other sportscars.

When I see painted rears, something looks missing


Everything I've heard and read indicates the '69's (and possibly 70's?)had body color windscreen frame. I know my '71 is black. Like Steve, I like the matte black tail. It's a nice contrast to the light clusters and bumper. Also looks good with the Monza exhaust I just put on.

Jim V.

Peter- A prev. owner repainted my car and did the tail in body color and in my particular color,Sienna, I AM DYING TO PUT THE ORIGINAL COLOR BACK. Just my opinion.
Don K.

The blacked out windshield frame was done to make the glass seem larger. I have to agree with the majority; I like the original black areas.
D.W. Campbell

This thread mentions the windshield frame and tail being black. I painted my rocker panels black also, below the chrome strip. I'm going by pictures I've seen posted all over, so I assume its correct.

I'd hate to see you go to the paint shop twice.

As far as an opinion goes, what dark color do you have? My red TR definitely benefits from the black contrast.

Mark H


All TR6 had the rockers painted black under the chrome strip except those that went racing. About mid-way in the model years they went from a narrow chrome strip to a wider one.

My TR is Deft Blue (same colour as the background of the Union Jack) and the contrast is very evident.

When I had my 6 painted ( entire body soda blasted to clean metal) I had all three mentioned places painted semi-flat black. Original is not FLAT black. I had a nice picture of the boot area of a 6 to give to body shop to paint the back of car the correct way. I agree with Steven and Mark, the rocker panel painted black was a nice touch from the factory. Steven is correct, the three areas not in black, makes the car look like something is missing.
One thing I do not like was the dealer installed stripping kit that was on the front of the car...looks wired. Sorry for my comment to anyone out there with it..but my opinion.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

After reading the posts and looking more carefully at pics, see that, indeed, the rocker panels are black also, and the trim piece at the bottom of the front grille, making 4 accents in all. Strange what is not always obvious when something looks 'not quite right'.
Thanks for the input. Peter
Peter Gooch

Saw a pic with the front valence blacked-out as well. That looked good too.

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

This thread was discussed between 19/04/2003 and 28/04/2003

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