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Triumph TR6 - Original Paint color for accessories

I've seen the literature on the various Body paint choices for TRs, but there is a paucity of information about various pieces and parts. Some information can be imputed from photographs for parts of the engine bay such as the windscreen wiper motor cover and the brackets for the radiator overflow bottle and the petrol recirculation canister, but this method of determining the proper "original" paint colors is problematic at best. My question goes to the other end of the vehicle...the screw jack (a not inexpensive item today) was reportedly originally "GREEN"...but what shade of green?? Before I bead blasted mine to shiny steel, it appeared to have, among the rust and corrosion vestiges of what might be described as battleship gray or something close. Does anyone have any knowledge or information that might reveal the techncial information about this item? Likewise the jack handle (crank) and the lug wrench ( I assume these to be gloss black, but???). I realize that this is petty compared to getting Richard's engine back together, but for the moment, this in on top of my list. HELP??
Doug Baker

GGEEESSS Doug you will soon be asking what colour are the 2 dabs of paint on the rear springs:)
Can not help you on the jack "car in a box" was missing that item. You need to talk to an OO
Original Owner:).
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Mine were black, but the ones in my wife's Spitfire are a blue with a hint of green. I have seen that same blue with green hint on other TR6s, but they were later ones. This would tie in with the Spitfire as it is a 1975 model.


Mine is off-black.

I must say, in all the BBSes I've ever been a member of, this has to be the most well spoken. I don't remember the last time I saw the word imputed in a posting!

Don from Jersey
D Hasara


Mine are gray

I've own my '71 for 32yrs and I'm pretty sure the
jack and handle are originial.

Joe S.
Joe S.

Thanks for all the comments. Rick, I just haven't gotten to the rear springs yet...give me time:)

Don, I don't apologize for my use of language. I merely reflect the environment in which I now live in Huntsville Alabama which has (had @ one time during the APOLLO Program, maybe still) more nonacademic PhD's/per capita than any other place in the country (maybe continent). Even Steve comes to visit sometimes!

Steve the colors you describe as blue w/ a hint of green and Joe's gray are kinda what I saw on mine before I cleaned it all off. Well for the record, I've gone to the source...John Suager @ TRF and asked him. He recently advertised a special on screw jacks, painted black but would leave unpainted in case anyone wanted to paint theirs the original (as in some cars) green. Maybe TRF will have the correct reference!

Rick, bear with me buddy. This'll get to some objective state...someday!!:)
Doug Baker


Wish I had your problems - the color of the jack no less! Congratulations on having a 6 that needs nothing but correct accessory colors. My TR buddy Bruce has a '70. He's getting ready for Spring by pulling the floor mats and "Tremclad-ing" his floors and checking fluid levels. Must be nice to have it all finished. BTW, your colorful and flamboyant use of the language is but one of the things that makes this site unique. Verbose (no offense) yet cogent, seminal and cerebral while earthy at times. A veritable cornucopia of grammatical gymnastics. Contributed to the CD and drives a TR6 too! My hat's off to you buddy.

BTW, Bruce e-mailed me last nite and asked if I knew of a good Q & A site for TR6's. I told him about this great site. He wants info on what exhaust options he has for his BRG '70 - 6 and I know you guys will help him out. He's had the very cherry 6 for 6 years but he's new so be gentle. If he doesn't join up right away tho' he should get a "Goose-gram".

Bob '76 -6
Bob Evans

Went out to the garage last week to have a look (75 TR6).

Jack is green.
Jack handle is blue.
Lug wrench is black.
Plastic Lug Wrench pouch is blue.
P Johnston

It sounds like a case of what colour of paint do we have left over this week.
Rick Crawford

It certainly was a case of what excess paint they had at the time of the part painting. Brits were use to being frugal from WWII.

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