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Triumph TR6 - Out Of Ballance ZS carbs(not SUs:)

Hi Jim
This is the simplest way I know of on how to change the thread title. Yes, it did go a long way. get the prize for...well you know what u get the prize for ( I do not want anyone to go back to that thread and have Jim and I embarrassed again). Rick O, yup, definitely talkin' about ZS carbs. Thank you, u answered my question. I obviously need to go and buy this tool. Is the tool MOSS #386-310? I have 3" chrome K&N filters so not sure if the "smigen" is necessary. Don, you are lucky in that u have SU carbs..I have heard (and read in other threads here) that they are, shall I say, more stable than ZSs. Rick O, do u think it is that critical to be able to adjust (externally) the bypass valve or is it KISS again? I am curious on your thinking here. Yes, looking at the spark plugs for colour is easier and much cheaper.
Best regards to all
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Rick C. Thanks for transferring this ZS discussion to a new thread. I'm not sure of the Moss P/N for the ZS carb metering needle adjustment tool, but it's listed as "CAT1" in the green TRF catalog.

By all means, if you are happy with your car's performance, don't mess with the air bypass valve. [I subscribe to 'KISS' as well.] In most instances, when your carbs were rebuilt the bypass adjustment wasn't changed. The reason I'm so anal about it is that my TR didn't run well before or after rebuilding the ZS carbs (erratic idle, hard start when hot). Since I replaced all the emission hoses and carb gaskets/diaphrams, knew the throttle shafts weren't leaking, and the temperature compensator worked properly, this left only the bypass valve as the culprit. If interested, I can post the link to the bypass valve adjustment procedure.

I have since learned from the good folks at Motorhead (Virginia USA) that I can simply push/drill out the bronze-looking cap on the bypass valve cover to expose the adjustment screw. I will do this when the TR6 returns home after an engine rebuild.

Have a great day!

Rick O.
Rick Orthen

Rick O
Now I see where you are coming from. I too had carbs rebuilt and obviously BP valve was not touched (probably new gasket...I hope). As you have read from me, I am trying to get a handle on ballance and air/fuel mixture setup. Have not even considered that the BP valve is giving me a problem. Trying to get my engine to idle down to 800-850 RPM. The tool is exactly same one in MOSS catalogue. Was going to name this thread Jim's out of ballance ZS carbs but thought he did not need any abuse from u will not make that mistake again Jim:)
That is interesting about the "hidden" adjusting screw. I see the brass plug you mention. Let me know (next spring) if you get good results with adjusting it.
Rick Crawford

Thanks Rick C. Works for me.
Jim Kinsella

This thread was discussed between 10/12/2001 and 11/12/2001

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