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Triumph TR6 - Out with the Old in with the new.

So I had a momentary lapse of reason last week and sold my 74 TR-6 and overnight I couldn't sleep thinking about what a dumb move that was so I set out in search of another. My "new to me" 76 should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. It's "nicer" then the one I had as a starting point and I look forward to the fun of making her better. My old one was reprayed several colors and this one is original red and was actually "Zibarted" when new which has actually preserved it quite well. Someone has changed out the ZS's for Weber downdrafts and swapped the ignition for a Crane set-up. Needs a clutch and a polish before she's road worthy. Can't wait.
JT White

Sounds some pix when she's all settled in !
Charlie B.

Big "DOH" moment was letting all my TR-6 stuff go including a completly built short block and rebuilt trans with new "J" type O/D. The trans was original to the car I sold so I wanted them to stay together. My decision was to be done with TR-6's and go back to two wheels...that thought lasted 24hours after the sale. Lesson.... don't sell your TR-6!
JT White

What can you say Jim

Once you get the taste it just doesn't leave you.
Michael Petryschuk

RANT MODE ON>>>>>>I'm seriously wondering how a certain company in PA stays in buisness...sorry to rant but in this new purchase I've ordered BIG orders from four big brit car suppliers and ONE is seriously warped in their sense of customer service......<<<<RANT MODE OFF.
JT White

Not a clue as to what may have pissed you off, but if you're disappointed, I suggest that you call Charles or Albert directly and rant to them. In the 6 years I've been pursuing this adventure of TR6 restoration, I've never had anything less than excellent customer service AND prices from them.
Doug Baker

Oh, I did call "Chuck" and he assured me "he failed to see where he did anything wrong" "BINGO" denial at it's best...tooooo long to go into here but suffice it to say I ordered big orders from BPNW, VB, MOSS and "them" AND the orders, processing, shipment, discount/prices were first rate from all those listed EXCEPT from "THEM" sorry Doug, been doing Brit car and Bike buisness way longer then 6 years and I've been "bitten" by them before...they need to seriously move into the modern era with their website and update on B/O items in real time plus calculate any "discount" offers in real time too at time of order NOT later after order processing. WAY better vendors out there and they all carry the same products...BPNW is top notch in my book and far better prices and customer service.
JT White

JT- With you on all of it.
Ordered a part from my Wedge and a interior piece of vinyl showed up for a TR3.
When I called and asked what it was they said the part # I used was for that part.
When I pointed out that the part # I used was also the correct # for what I ordered and pointed them in the direction to see it.
He said OH!, that part is no longer sold.
He said they would refund my money and when I asked what to do with the incorrect part. He said to keep it .
Would cost more to ship back.
I passed the part on free to another TR owner in California and lo and behold about 7 months later I get a credit.
7 Months???
I try to avoid the company if I can

Sometimes I have to get hit in the head twice...but twice is my limit. I'm with you DNK, I'll go elsewhere.
JT White

JT, Don,
Maybe there has been a change in staff of late, but again, I've never received less than outstanding service from these guys. Of course, I'm in to Charles' investment program that nets me a 33% discount on most parts orders. I order a lot of stuff through them so maybe that has made a difference, but I hardly think so. On one occasion I received the wrong part but it was my error on the part number. Sent it back and a refund was credited right away so no issue. On one occasion when I needed a part NLS, the shop guy went out into the "barn" and found a good servicable used part that he sent to me at no cost including PHS&T. I call that service! My $.02!!
Doug Baker

Ok, here goes (hopefully) here's the Old 74

JT White

And the new 76.

JT White

What's under the tarp?

Ah...that's my 86 XJS!

JT White

12 Cyl's of fun!

JT White

ah purrrrrrrfect
lw gilholme

So how hoisy is that K&N intake setup?

A. J. Koschinsky

The company that sells it refers to it as a "growler" and it does exactly that on WOT, beautiful noise if you ask me. The XJS V-12 is very difficult to make sound "sporty" Jaguar did a lot to keep it "quite" or "refined" mine has the cats emptied, mid mufflers removed as well as "H" pipe just behind the trans...that with the air intakes and she sounds pleasently "sporty" but not annoyingly so.
J.T. White

JT- This is what you need to put on that cat

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