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Triumph TR6 - Over heating problem

I have a 71 TR6 with a over heating problem. Just rebuild engine, radiator clean and checked at a radiator shop. The water pump checks out and looks ok.
The engine was boilded out and the heads reworked for unleaded gas. The timing is set at 4 atdc at 800-900 rpm.The only item that is not stock is the cam and it is A.P.T. cam #TH24/TH2 6N.
Allen Bradley

Hi Allen,
What are the symptoms? Did you blow the rad cap?
Or is it just temp. gauge reading high?
A new engine will almost always run a little hotter
until it has settled in. When I had my engine chemical
dipped and boiled it losened the dirt but did not remove it. I had to replace coolant after 200 miles
and now it is still clean after 20000 miles.
However, you might want to install an electric fan
with a manual on/off switch so you can engage it when
the gauge reads hot. Also might want to test or replace
Christopher Trace

4 degrees after top dead centre? That looks much too far retarded and could cause hot-running. Try 10 degrees before TDC. Are you sure you fitted the correct head gasket, the correct way up?
Peter Cobbold

4 degrees ATDC the correct setting if you have your vacum retard still installed.
Curt Anderson

Thanks for all the answer to my question. I still have the vacum advance installed. I put a new sending unit and it is electric type may not be the correct unit for the gauge. The gauge may be bad. I put a temp gauge machanical type it the radiator filler neck and it read about 205 degrees. The temp. gauge in the car was reading next to the red H.
Allen Bradley

Peter- "Much to far retarded". Oh how you butchered the kings english.

Do you have the radiator shroud installed?? That cardboard scoop infront of the rad works wonders and without it overheating will occur. Also since you have an early TR you might want to consider replacing the fan with a later multi-bladed and more effecient part.

Just some ideas to ponder

Pull your heater knob all the way out, Open the
Hood and check to see that the heater valve arm
is in its half way postion. IF the lever is
pushed to far forward with your heater knob
pulled all the way out your heater valve cable
is out of adjustment. Its a easy fix. Let me
know what happens. Mike Gurgone.
mike gurgone

The replacement of the fan is a good idea, order the plastic yellow fan with 8 blades and be sure to order the 8 rubber bushings...
Angel L. Traverso

This thread was discussed between 24/08/2002 and 01/09/2002

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