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Triumph TR6 - overdrive A

Hi Guys I just got my trans in and its working good ,I have one thing thats does not sound good it jumps when putting in overdrive. Is that ok ,It does'nt do it coming out ,will that work in, or should I be putting it in when rolling and not in gear ,let know thanks jeff.

Hi Jeff. By "jump" I assume you mean it is a rather abrupt change when the O/D is engaged. This is perfectly normal and a characteristic of the A-type with its higher hydraulic pressures in comparison with the milder J-type. To minimize the stress on the drivetrain (especially the diff mounts), some people (including myself) engage O/D with the clutch disengaged. Try that.

Rick O.
72 TR6
Rick Orthen

When the ball valve is not set right, or if it is worn and you adjust the RHS small lever arm with the drill correctly as in the manual, too much of the high pressure oil might "flood" past the valve when you click into overdrive and the too-sudden pressure to engage the cone clutch will slam it home too hard.

Try adjusting the setting on the RHS in both directions bit by bit to see if this solves the problem.

But if your tunnel is still off and you are test driving the car on the road, pull up the RHS lever with a cord or wire in a more slowly manner to see if it still clunks into gear.

If your car is being tested on jack stands in the garage, it will clunk because there is no load on the system. Test it on the road.

My "A" O/D clunks in my TR3A if I let up off the gas going into overdrive. I keep it to the floor when I click into overdrive and never have a clunk this way. Many TR6 owners depress the clutch pedal to "fix" the "clunk" but I never use the clutch to switch into overdrive. When S-T used to race and rally these cars, they worked just fine. If they did all the clutching like TR6 owners do today, they never would have won any of the races or rallies back then.

Don Elliott, Original Owner, 1958 TR3A
Don Elliott

This thread was discussed between 01/08/2004 and 03/08/2004

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