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Triumph TR6 - overdrive trans

Need help can the trans be 1"longer on the shaft in the front , its from a tr4 and I'm putting in a tr6 1972
jeff messer

Correct me if I'm wrong, guys, but I think they're the same. Could it be the clutch disc isn't lined up with the pilot bearing? That clutch alignment tool is worth the price, even if you only use it once. Just guessing.

I think the 4 and early 6 are the same, the Stag and the Dolomite Sprint had a longer input shaft, are you sure it's a TR4 box you've got.
R. Algie

All the gearboxes for the tr's are interchangable. The length of the input shaft does not make a difference. I know what you are talking about since I had the same concern when I did it for the first time. I called Roadster Factory and was told it was not an issue. I have interchanged gearboxes with my tr3a and tr6 without problem. The only modification you have to make is when you go from a non-synchro to synchro (or the other way around) since the rear mount location will be off by approximately one inch.
Mike Parkhill

I think that possibly there might be a difference in the pilot bearing. Moss lists dif. pilot bearings for the TR4/4a #330-370 and TR6 #330-370 (in crankshaft) and # 330-500 (in flywheel) For input shafts TR4/4A #848-375 TR6 847-100 and 847-110 You might find the ID slightly different or there might be some damage to the input end of the bearing. (will not allow the shaft in the bearing) As I recall, that bearing is about 1 inch long. Good luck! Brian
B. Towne

Jeff-Another item that might be different is the front cover (or snout) that the throwout bearing rides on. The TR4 and earlier cars used a finger type clutch with a longer front cover (about 2.4"), while TR4A through TR6 used a diaphragm clutch and a shorter front cover (about 2"). The longer front cover may damage the diaphragm of the later clutches.
Berry Price
BTP Price

Is it possible to put a Stag or 2000/25000 OD transmission in the TR6? I have heard that the only difference is teh output flange which can be changed quite easily.

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