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Triumph TR6 - Ower wishbone rubber bushings

The manual is indicating 30 ft/lbs of torque on the 1/2" nyloc assembly, through the rubber bushing with steel sleeve, holding the lower wishbone arms to the mounting bracket and frame.

This amount of torque binds the steel sleeve against the pivot points on the mounting bracket.

Should the bushing be free to move around the bolt? Or does the vertical movement come from the play inherent in the rubber?

Seems to me that there should be some degree of movement but that would mean backing off on the nut/bolt.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

73 TR6

B Chamberlain

The movement is intended to be taken up by the elasticity of the rubber bushing. That means that you need to have the suspension loaded at its normal ride height before you tighten up the nut, otherwise there will be stress on the bushing when you lower the car onto the ground.

A. J. Koschinsky

This thread was discussed between 29/05/2015 and 01/06/2015

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