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Triumph TR6 - Paint Color?

Have just purchased a 1970 TR-6 and am trying to determine what the color the car is called. It is a very dark, deep red and appears to be the original as inside of engine bay, trunk areas, etc. are same color. vin# is cc53123.
Anybody know of a site that shows color samples?
Dennis Silance


This site should help you out in identifying your color.


Welcome and congratulations on your purchase.
On the VIN plate is another set of numbers that tell the interiour colour and body colour. What is that number? I take a guess at 32/11....Signal Red/ black (interiour). Signal red is not a DEEP colour so your 6 may have had a body off paint job.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

If it is deep and dark, think Damson. This color when used on MGs in this same time frame was called Damask Red. Signal Red is more of a "Stop Me First" or "Ticket Me" type of bright screaming red.

Agreed...32 is a "fire engine" red. That is why I suggested a possible paint job. Damson (17) is possibility. The digit 7 in 17 denotes a "shade of purple" not red. This is a very dark colour but not a deep red. This could be the colour though as it was available up to '72. Carmine Red(82) and Magenta(92) would be a closer match to dark red ( the digit 2 in 82 is shades of red) but these 2 colours came out in '73.
So Dennis..what is the paint code?
Rick Crawford

do you have the original commision plate? on it you should find the actual paint color codes which will simplify your search considerably. you can look up the reference in the workshop manual


Bob Craske

My 71 has the Signal Red code and has been repainted at some point in its life to a color very, very close to the original, if not original color. I just wish I could find a little bit of touch up paint.

Dennis, if you go to the pictures section, there are some pictures of my car in Signal Red, so maybe that would help you.

JL Bryan


The automotive paint shops these day's are very good at matching unidentifiable (is that a real word?)paint.
The problem is getting them a sample. Some places can actually scan a bit of paint on your car to come up with a match. They can then mix it up for you in enamel, laquer, or urethane. I had them do a pint can of enamel for me from a sample I had and it cost about $30.00.

HP Henry Patterson

Thanx so much for the input. Damson (17) is the color and New tan (33) is the interior, Confirmed when I put a pair of cheeters on and had a closer look at vin plate and took a visit to the paint chart (thanx Brian.)
So Damson it is, and quite a plum at that!
Spent 12 hours in the garage going over her, cleaning it up, finding out what works, what's missing. I love that dashboard and it's in great shape! and those tires are huge! (compared to my midget). I can't walk by the garage without stopping to take a look in!
There's nothing better than the feeling you get when you first bring home a rescued LBC.
My wife thinks I'm nuts. Maybe I am. I just can't stop smilin today!

I'm sure you guys will hear from me again as I get further into it. I was a frequent pest over on the MG BBS and those chaps are very knowledgeable and helpful.
The few Triumph guys I know are tops!

Dennis Silance
70 Triumph TR-6
75 MG Midget
Dennis Silance

Dennis- Welcome to Hotel California!
Don K.

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