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Triumph TR6 - Painting the engine-what color?

My 1971 engine is waiting on just a couple of parts to put it back together. Clive has asked me about painting it, so I told him I'd see what you guys think.

It's a 71, Signal Red with black seats. The paint is in good shape.

I'm not particularly worried about restoring it to the orginal, so that isn't an issue.

What color do you guys think would be cool?

JL Bryan

John, don't know about cool, but a flat/satin black is the original color. Having said that, Eastwood has a fine array of engine paint colors. Recommend that you visit their website and request a catalog. I rather like their orange, but then I'm a UT fan:)

I'm using POR 20, Sterling Silver, for many underbonnet peripheral pieces (valve cover, brake/clutch MC/SC, latch, petrol pipes, brackets etc.) and POR's Hi-Temp (1400oF) silver for the manifolds and other areas where excessive heat may be present. Expect that to set off the black engine nicely.
Doug Baker

I used the POR black on mine. I used the brush on variety. It turned out a lot better than you may think. The block surface is fairly rough so you can get away with brushing it on.

But if you want cool...then be daring. I went the safe original look.

HP Henry Patterson

John, I've been using an oil based coating (with carbon irregularities) that's taken about 32 years to's not pretty but it's pretty uniform!
c.a.e. emenhiser

I restored my 70 PI and painted it signal red . I put the engine to black but promptly blew it up . Replaced it and painted that one matching red - Looks much better , especially with ally rocker cover .
s marshall

This thread was discussed between 11/12/2005 and 14/12/2005

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