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Triumph TR6 - PartCo

Hi all,
Talked to Kai Radicke of Wishbone Classics this week and he informed me that PartCo is out of business. If you're not familiar with this small company, they rebuilt brake servos for literally the best price around, about $80 for painted and another $40 or so if you wanted it powder coated. The company was sold to a large parts company that probably does not have a clue about Triumphs. Kai told me that PartCo made their own diaphrams which are not otherwise available and that enabled them to rebuild the servo at a low price. The new company is not likely to retain that expertise nor be interested in low volume sales like the TR-6 market.
Doug Baker


When you say brake servo are you talking about what I know as the brake booster? Or vacuum assist? If that is the case and it fails what happens... I assume the brakes become very hard to apply.

Can you post pictures of your 6 project? Maybe add to Charlie B.'s picture site.

HP Henry Patterson

henry, my servo has gone out but the brakes are still workable...takes more effort without the boost (I plugged up the hose when the unit started leaking...causing my engine to idle funny...). I'm sorry to hear about Partco selling as I sure liked their prices. Now it looks like 300 to $400 which is nuts for a part like that. I guess that's the brakes.
c.a.e. emenhiser

Thanks Chris,

Makes sense. I'll be appreciating my brake booster (servo) more now that I know it's an endangered species. At least the car can still be driveable just more foot pressure. Then the brake foot pressure will be the same as the clutch pedal foot pressure.

HP Henry Patterson

c.a.e. is right. W/o the servo or braker booster a lot more pedal power is required. Kinda like driving w/o power steering when there is supposed to be some!! Don't dispair though, the servo is still available...@ about $450.00 or so@!. Partco rebuilt your core for less than #100.00 and guaranteed it for a year on service.

Regarding the pictures, I'll select some representative before and after and revisit the instructions for Charlie's site. Will advise the BBS.

Just today devised a brace to support the body after removing the doors. It it works our OK, it'll be easily usable and removable. Will advise.
Doug Baker

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