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Triumph TR6 - Parts car price

What is a fair price for a '72 TR6 parts car with severe rust issues and a non-running drivetrain?

The car in question has to be the rustiest car I've ever seen...large portions of the frame are -missing-. The rear suspension has fallen to bits. All soft goods are shot, as are all body panels. The odo reads just under 100K miles.

On a positive note the engine will turn over by hand and looks complete. The tranny is a non OD and the glass is good. Oh yeah, no ownership papers.

Moving this thing would be a major pain...the rear suspension has removed itself from the car leaving only the diff hanging in space.

The seller's price (firm, will not negotiate) seems 'optimistic' to me...but perhaps I am just a cheap bottom feeder who can't recognize this as the unique fixer-upper opportunity the seller claims it to be.

Rob Brophy

Hi Rob,

I think you have about $800 in ebay parts there... As an early model the instruments are not as sought after thus lower in price, the diff, hubs front suspension and drive train will net a few bucks but YOU have to move this thing, take it apart, cleanup and test the parts, and dispose of the carcase. I can pick up a late madel here on the Island for about $500CND and it sounds to be in better shape than your potential purchase.... still a parts only machine.

Cheers, Rob
Rob Gibbs


It's always good to have spare parts for your good TR6. I bought a spare engine for $200.00 U.S. Fortunately I haven't had a reason to use it but it's good to have just in case. I don't know what the guy is asking but I would just consider it parts and the rest is throw away.

HP Henry Patterson

Just add up what parts you might be able to salvage (and need) and that's what it's worth, I guess. But you have to do a lot of work to get them and deal with those nasty neighbors that for some reason hate old cars. Sounds like a $100 car to me. The scrapyard might give $30.


The owner has dreams of grandeur on the "fixer upper" thing. This definitely sounds like minimum parts car.
No more than what the engine is worth. Even then it is a big question mark. I would think around $500. You have to haul it away for him.

What is his asking price?
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Thanks Guys,

The guy is firm at $500 Canadian. I'd pay that if I knew the engine and transmission were solid. If he were to drop it to 350-400...I'd snap it up and never look back.

Stripping the car isn't a problem. It could be down to bare bones in a weekend and headed to the wreckers on of the parts is another matter :-)

I think the real reason I want a parts car is because I am missing having a hands on project now that my 6 is on the road. I just need to get rusty and greasy again...Rob

PS: I have a few digital pix of the car if anyone is curious...just ping me off list
Rob Brophy

Wave big bills under his nose, he'll probably take it.

Now there is a die-hard LBC addict.
It is simple Rob. If you think you can get 500 bucks of tinkering out of it...go for it.

You never know when you or another TR guy is going to need that part you salvage.
Rick C
Rick Crawford

Yup, the smell of grease and rust dust up your nose is something you can't get any other way. It's addictive. Plus there's that feeling you get when you make something out of what once was junk.

I get those urges all the time, I should have owned a junk yard. A little old sports car is like a magnet to me. One car I still own was a parts car for a while, until I couldn't bear to break it (any more than it was already broke). I did break another one to transplant a few parts to her, though.

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