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Triumph TR6 - Parts Supplier

Anyone have any experience with Obsolete Automotive in Point Edward, Ontario? They seem to have some pretty good prices on TR-6 stuff, but no indication of quality or original source.

Also anyone use ARP fasteners in rebuilding the TR-6 engine? If so what size studs/bolts did you use for the main bearing caps? ARP does not seem to have the exact size bolt and making up a stud, washer and nut combination results in some extra sticking out after torquing...0.001-0.25 Thanks.
Doug Baker

I have used Obsolete Auto for three years . I have had no problem with any parts for my 71 TR6. Their service is excellent and their advice knowlegable.

Okay... so this guy in Alabama named Doug tells me about this guy in my own backard who sells the stuff I'm buying from guys in Oregon and British Columbia who are 3000 miles away. Hmmm... Thanks Doug. I'll take a better look at Obsolete's site and their ad in "Ragtop" the magazine of the Toronto Triumph Club next time I need stuff. Doh!

Ken Shaddock

Ken, yes there is a Santa(s) in your back yard. I know of 2 others besides in Newmarket, and Fred near Dundas.

Pete Russell


Who is the vendor in Newmarket?

Obsolete has been in business for at least 25-30 years. I found a receipt for a bearing purchased from Obsolete Auto in the mid 80's.


John, I bought from Nemac Distributing, 1235 Gorham St., Newmarket. Their phone is 1-800-668-7522. When I was rebuilding my engine, I bought engine mounts and cam followers from them. This was in 2006, so I don't know if they are still in business.

Pete Russell

There are still more suppliers yet you have not heard of. ie there is one in Quebec.

Doug, I also have bought From Obsolete (many moons ago). They have a supply of new and old. I am not sure if they are MOSS or not...I think they are. They are the only ones around that I know of that actively look for cars to salvage parts from. Granted, not a lot today though. They put out a small tabloid paper with sales ans pointers in it...use to be free now you pay for it. They have a garage sale every spring.

I still wounder if the same part is less expensive south of the bourder due to shipping and exchange.

Rick Crawford


I have used Obsolete a few times and had no problems whatsoever. I just ordered the clutch slave kit from them and purchased brake shoes a couple years ago on a rush order to get them for a weekend run. Got 'em in 2 days. I've lost track of what else I bought but it was a few things and they put me on their subscriber's list so I get every issue of their bi-monthly Sports Car Chronicle from them free for the last 4 years. They didn't drop me from the catalog like Moss did even though I was buying Moss parts from Drake's in BC. The current Summer issue has good prices IMHO. A TR6 brake master cyl for $219.95 CDN for example seems like a pretty good deal. They also have a TR6/MGB alternator, 43Amp, 18ACR, with fan and pulley attached for $199.00.
Ken: you're still finding suppliers - that's a good thing!

Bob Evans

Does anyone else think that the number of suppliers out there as well as the fact that "virtually every part is available" is amazing? I think the Brits only made 90,000+ TR6's and 1/2 of them must have dissolved in our salty winters back in the day when these cars were year 'round runners. I guess we have many parts in common with other marques.

I'm with you Rick on the prices. It does not seem to matter how well our dollar does against the greenback we still seem to pay a hansome premium. Oh look... it's rainy and cool again. Time for a nice Merlot.

Ken Shaddock

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